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Map of Scotland

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Where is Scotland ?
Located off the north-west coast of Europe, Scotland is a part of the Great Britain island. It is surrounded by water on all sides and the only land border it shares is with England. Edinburgh, its capital apart from being the center of Scotland's development is important financial center of Europe.
Scotland map shows Scottish counties, rivers, districts etc.

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Description about Scotland Map :- Scotland is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. Glasgow, Stirling, Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee are the major cities of the country. Hightlights of the Country are the National Museum of Scotland, the Culross Palace, Wallace Monument, the Edinburgh Zoo, Loch Lomond Shores, The Falkirk Wheel and the Corryvreckan Whirlpool are among the greatest tourist attractions as well. The Loch Lomond National Park, the Cairngorms National Park, and the Scottish Highlands go into making it a beautiful country.

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The Scotland Map clearly defines the political and geographical contours of the country. Apart from indicating the climatic
condition, natural vegetation and heterogeneous landscape, the map of Scotland further marks the major cities and notable places of tourist interests of the beautiful country. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen are some of the prominent cities of the country. The Scotland travel guide provides comprehensive information on the various tourist destinations of the country. The exciting and thrilling trip to Scotland offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to experience the unique architectural heritage and natural scenic beauty of the place.

Last Update On : January 17, 2013

Flag of Scotland
Scotland flag features the cross of the Christian martyr St. Andrews, which is also known as the Saltire.
Facts about Scotland
Official Name Scotland
Lat Long55.95, -3.183333
Largest CityGlasgow
Official LanguageEnglish, Scottish Gaelic, Scots
Major ReligionChristianity
National daySt Andrew's Day - November 30
Form of GovernmentDevolved government within a constitutional monarchy
Prime MinisterDavid Cameron
CurrencyPound sterling
GDP139.774 billion (2010 estimate)
Calling code44
Time ZoneGMT (UTC 0)