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Commonwealth Flag

The official flag of the Commonwealth was developed from the car pennants produced for the first time at the Ottawa Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 1973.
Commonwealth Flag

Flag of Commonwealth

Official Name: The Commonwealth of Nations
Flag Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: March 26, 1976
Headquarters: Marlborough House, London, United Kingdom
Area (Member Nations): 12,147,768 square miles
Population(Member Nations): 2,100,000,000
Official Language: English

The Commonwealth is primarily an organization through which countries with diverse backgrounds get an opportunity to interact. It is a platform for international cooperation in matters pertaining to democracy, liberty, human rights, and trade. It is not a political union and is a voluntary association of 53 sovereign states. The Commonwealth symbol is represented in gold on a blue field in the Commonwealth flag. The symbol centers on a globe, representing the global nature of the Commonwealth. The globe is surrounded by 61 radiating spears, which form a 'C' for 'Commonwealth'. The radiating spears do not represent the number of the countries but symbolize the many facets of Commonwealth cooperation. There is no fixed size or color for the symbol.

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