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Northern Europe Map

Northern Europe Map
Description : Northern Europe Map shows the location and the international boundaries of countries that belong to the region. Disclaimer : 

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Northern Europe Countries

Country Capital Area Population - 2016
DenmarkCopenhagen16,573.61 sq mi (42,925.46 km2 )5,707,251 
EstoniaTallinn17,462 sq mi (45 227 km2 )1,315,944 
FinlandHelsinki130,666 sq mi (338,424 km2 )5,487,308 
IcelandReykjavík 39,682 sq mi (102,775 km2 )332,529 
IrelandDublin26,948 sq mi (69 797 km2 )4,724,720 
LatviaRiga24,938 sq mi (64,589 km2 )1,968,957 
LithuaniaVilnius25,200 sq mi (65,300 km2 )2,888,558 
NorwayOslo 148,718 sq mi (385,178 km2 )5,210,721 
SwedenStockholm169,334 sq mi (438 574 km2 )9,851,017 
United KingdomLondon95,957 sq mi (248 528 km2 )65,382,556 
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Northern Europe Region

Located in the northern part of Europe, Northern Europe comprises approximately all of Europe above the 54th parallel north. This runs all the way from west to east. The peninsula of Jutland and the Baltic plain lies to the far east and there are also many islands that lie offshore from Greenland, Northern Europe, and entire Europe.

Significance of having Northern Europe map
The map of Northern Europe represents the region in spatial terms, which corresponds to the surface of the Earth. In other words, with the use of scaling, one can represent actual distances of Northern Europe on a smaller surface (a map).

Last Updated on: April 20, 2017

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