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World's top 10 Rice Producing Countries

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China tops the list of top 10 rice producing nations with a production of 144,560 million tons. The latest data puts India in the second spot as the country produces 104,800 million tons. The list, which is dominated by the Asian countries, puts Brazil on the 9th position 8,465 million tons and Japan on the 10th position with 7,842 million tons. Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam have found place among the top five rice producing countries. India and China produce about 250,000 million tons of rice between them. While half of China's total grain output is dedicated to rice, India manages to keep its output high by virtue of large swatches of agricultural land and cheap labor.

  Top 10 Rice Producing Countries in the World  
RankCountryAnnual Production (1000 metric tons)
February 2016
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china-rice-producing Rice production is a key component of China's economy. The country accounts for 26% of all world rice production and the crop is prized by consumers as a food grain.
india-rice-producingAs world's largest producer of what rice, India accounts for 20% of the world's rice production. As one of the chief grains of India, rice is harvested using the traditional methods.
indonesia-rice-producingAs the third-largest producer of rice in the world, Indonesia has rice as its staple food and a source of livelihood for about 20 million households.
bangladesh-rice-producing As the dominant food crop of Bangladesh, rice accounts for about 75 percent of agricultural land use. Cultivation of rice in the country varies as per seasonal changes in water supply.
vietnam-rice-producingRice production is vital for the food production and economy of Vietnam. The country is the seventh largest consumer of rice and has a land area of 33 million dedicated to cultivation of rice.
thailand-rice-producingThailand's economy and labor force is being represented by rice production. It has the fifth largest amount of land under rice cultivation in the world.
myanmar-rice-producingOnce Asia's largest exporter of rice, Burma has this crop as the most crucial agricultural commodity. Additionally, livestock is also being raised as a source of food and labor.
philippines-rice-producingVital to the food supply and economy in Philippines, rice production had made the country world's largest rice importer in 2010. The country accounts for 28% of global rice production.
brazil-rice-producingAgriculture is one of the principal bases of Brazil's economy. The nation is also called the 'breadbasket of the world' and has become the world's largest exporter of rice, coffee, soybeans, sugarcane and beef.
japan-rice-producing Rice is a staple part of Japanese diet. With intensively cultivated land, Japan has a rich history of rice and rice production. Rice imports are banned in Japan, excluding the processed forms.

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