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Florida Flag

by Aakash Singha

Florida state flag consists of a red diagonal cross on a white background. The state seal is superimposed on the middle of the cross. The design of Florida flag was approved through a popular referendum in 1990.

Florida Flag

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About the Flag of Florida

The term ‘Five Flags of Florida‘ refers to the five nations, which have ruled over Florida at some point of time. The five countries are: Confederate State of America, USA, Great Britain, France and Spain.

The seal of Florida, which features at the centre of the diagonal cross, contains many images, which represents the state. The seal contains sunrays, a sabal palmetto palm tree, an Indian woman scattering flowers, a sailing steamboat, plan trees, rivers and lakes. The words ‘Great Seal of the State of Florida: In God We Trust’ encircle the seal.

Florida Flag History

The original design of Florida’s flag was changed in 1985 to adapt the corrected state seal. Governor Francis P. Fleming suggested in the 1980s that the red diagonal cross be added to the flag, so that it does not look like a white flag hanging on a pole.

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