Ventura City Map, California

Ventura is situated in the northwest of Los Angeles and is one of the significant cities of California. Ventura city has a population of 106,744 approximately.

Ventura is a perfect getaway place with the family as the city is rich with its agricultural and cultural history. Education facilities in Ventura in California are also good and the city houses two college campuses namely the Ventura College and the Brooks Institute of Photography. Various public schools are there for imparting educations to the kindergarten and primary level students.

Ventura is one of the culturally rich cities in California and the art and culture of Ventura has a broad spectrum and the city is always bustling with various events throughout the year. One can enjoy various music, exhibitions, festivals and art, swing dancing and many more live entertainments. Shopping is a pleasure filled activity of Ventura and the shopaholics will really like Ventura due to the presence of various shopping outlets and boutiques throughout the city.

Discover the amazing attractions of Ventura and their names are mentioned below:
  • Seaward Avenue Beach District
  • Historic Downtown Ventura
  • Ventura Harbor Village
  • Waterfront
  • Ventura Country Fairgrounds

Visitors can plunge themselves into various activities of Ventura as the country has numerous such tailor made activities for the peoples. Ventura Spas are the best places to unwind oneself after a thrilling trip to the city. The party goers can enjoy the nightlife of the city as it has numerous hip- hop clubs and discos. Ventura is also famous for manufacturing world class wines and the wine club gives you the opportunity to enjoy these fine drinks.

Ventura can be called as a perfect holiday destination as each and every part of the city is unique and provides a fun filled vacation to people irrespective of any age group.

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