Alameda Map, California

Alameda of California is bonded by the San Francisco Bay and Berkeley hills on the west and northeastern side respectively.

"Alameda" means "a place where poplar trees thrive" and thus lines of willow and sycamore trees were found in the banks of the rivers and they were known as an "alameda". Alameda in California still evokes the nostalgic small town feel consisting of Victorian homes and trees lined along the city.

According to the 2000 census the total population of Alameda was 72,300 and it is a small city of California.

Alameda consists of its own municipal power and telecommunication services and thus delivers services directly to the local customers. The education system in Almeda is pretty good with private schools, public schools, colleges and universities. The Alameda College is a part of the Peralta Colleges. Alameda of California is quite famous for its cultural and art background and the city houses various art related parks and centers. The Almeda art council organizes prestigious events like Alameda Civic ballet, Alameda civic light opera, Virago Theatre co. and shining stars in the art.

The interesting places to visit in Alameda are the University of California, Sunol water temple, Tilden Regional Park and the University of California. The travelers will enjoy visiting Alameda as it has recreational spots like parks and the local guide helps the visitors to check out all such exciting program held in the city.

Thus Alameda is one of the important cities of California and the locale of the city is worth watching.

Last Updated on: March 30, 2017