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Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd President of US

Franklin D. Roosevelt or Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on 30th January 1882 at Hyde Park in New York. Franklin D. Roosevelt became the 32nd President of United States of America. He served the nation from 1933 to 1945. He preceded Herbert Hoover as the President.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Many new programs were started by Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1938 to save the economy and people of America from the Great Depression. These new programs were referred to as New Deal. Roosevelt was successful in recovering the country from the Great Depression. Harry Truman succeeded Franklin D Roosevelt as the President of America.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's parents were James Roosevelt and Sara Delano Roosevelt. He was the only child of his parents. From Harvard University he completed his Bachelor degree in History. Later he joined Columbia University in New York to study law. Roosevelt married his distant cousin Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in 1905. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of USA was Franklin D. Roosevelt's relative. In 1912, Franklin D Roosevelt was elected again to the State Senate. In 1913 Franklin D. Roosevelt was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy by Woodrow Wilson.

It was in 1864 that he was nominated as the reporter of the Indiana Supreme Court. He also contested the elections for the post of the Governor of Indiana State in 1876, but was unfortunately defeated by his opponent, James D Williams.

Benjamin Harrison was appointed to several important designations in the United States of America. In 1879, he had been made a member in the Mississippi River Commission. He was also an integral part of the United States Senate from 1881 to 1887. He was the Chairman of important committees that include the US Senate Committee on Territories and US Senate Committee on Transportation Routes to the Seaboard. He was elected as a President in the year 1889, though the election of 1888 was shrouded in controversy. the number of popular votes received by Benjamin Harrison were lesser than incumbent Presidential candidate Grover Cleveland, but he exceeded in the number of electoral votes by a wide margin.

US President Benjamin Harrison was the initiator of a number of policies and Acts for the betterment of the general American masses. His impressive acumen as a diplomat was brought to the fore with the creation of the Pan American Union, which he initiated. Many bills had been passed in the Senate for the internal development and progress of the country. He successfully maneuvered the appropriation of a billion dollars for the development of various aspects of the country's resources, a move that had its critics and detractors. This was the only time the Congress passed a bill for the appropriation of a billion dollars in times of peace.

Full Name:Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Date of Birth:January 30, 1882, Hyde Park, New York
Died on:April 12, 1945, Warm Springs, Georgia
Burial site:Family plot, Hyde Park, New York
Parents:James and Sara Delano Roosevelt
Spouse:Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962; m. 1905)
Children:Anna Eleanor (1906-1975); James (1907-1991); Franklin Delano Jr. (1909-1909); Elliott (1910-1990); Franklin Delano Jr. (1914-1988); John Aspinwall (1916-1981)
Education:Harvard University (B.A., 1903); attended Columbia Law School
Profession(s):Lawyer; banker
Government ranks:New York state senator and governor; assistant secretary of he navy under Woodrow Wilson
Political party:Democratic
President Term:March 4, 1933-January 20, 1937 (first term); January 20, 1937-January 20, 1941 (second term); January 20, 1941-January 20, 1945 (third term); January 20, 1945-April 12, 1945 (fourth term)
Age when assumed office:51
Outcome of the Elections
1932Presidential / Vice Presidential CandidatesPopular votesElectoral votes
Franklin D. Roosevelt / John Nance Garner (Democratic)22821857472
Herbert Hoover / Charles Curtis (Republican)1576184559
1936Presidential / Vice Presidential CandidatesPopular votesElectoral votes
Franklin D. Roosevelt / John Nance Garner (Democratic)27476673523
Alfred M. Landon / Frank Knox (Republican)166795838
1940Presidential / Vice Presidential CandidatesPopular votesElectoral votes
Franklin D. Roosevelt / Henry A. Wallace (Democratic)27243466449
Wendell L. Willkie / Charles L. McNary (Republican)2230475582
1944Presidential / Vice Presidential CandidatesPopular votesElectoral votes
Franklin D. Roosevelt / Harry S. Truman (Democratic)25602505432
Thomas E. Dewey / John W. Bricker (Republican)2200627899
Snapshot of Franklin D. Roosevelt's life
1882Born in New York
1907Passes bar exam
1910-13Serves as New York state senator
1913-20Serves as assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy
1914-18World War I
1914Runs unsuccessfully as U.S. Senate candidate
1920Runs unsuccessfully as Democratic vice-presidential candidate
1921Stricken with polio
1929-41Great Depression
1929-33Serves as New York governor
1933-45Serves as thirty-second U.S. President
1933New Deal programs begin in Congress
1939-45World War II
1941United States enters World War II after Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor
1945Dies in Georgia; Japanese surrender, ending World War II
Presidential Term and its details
Dates:March 4, 1933-January 20, 1937 (first term)
January 20, 1937-January 20, 1941 (second term)
January 20, 1941-January 20, 1945 (third term)
January 20, 1945-April 12, 1945 (fourth term)
Vice President:John Nance Garner (1933-41)
Henry A. Wallace (1941-45)
Harry S. Truman (1945)
Harrison was also deeply concerned regarding the trade and commerce of the country and was strictly against illegal controls and monopolies. As a result of this, he signed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. the tariff issue perplexed Harrison all throughout his tenure, as it was indirectly hurting the business in the country. However, the Republicans dealt with the problem tactfully and tried to solve it in the best possible manner. Tariffs were removed from select items and allowed to remain on some.

But the good times did not last long. the surplus in Treasury almost vanished by the end of his tenure and prosperity also saw a downfall. President Benjamin Harrison was nominated for the Presidential Elections by the Republicans, but unfortunately got defeated by Cleveland in 1892, thus bringing an end to this career as a US President.

After his tenure as the President of the United States, he went back to Indianapolis. He served as an attorney for Venezuela and wrote a book on Presidency and the Federal government. Benjamin Harrison suffered from severe pulmonary infection and finally died from pneumonia and influenza. He breathed his last on 13th March 1901. He is cremated at the Crown Hill Cemetery.

there are many interesting facts regarding President Benjamin Harrison, which are less known to people. Some of these incidents are as follows:

Benjamin Harrison was the introducer of electricity in the White House. Once he got an electric shock and after that his family got scared of electric lights and switches. On many days, all the lights of White House were kept on all through the night.

Apart from Benjamin Harrison, there is no US President, whose grandfather was a President and a great-grandfather as a signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin was a good writer and scholar and had penned 140 different speeches in only 30 days.

Some of the famous quotes of Benjamin Harrison are as follows:
  • When and under what conditions is the black man to have a free ballot? When is he in fact to have those full civil rights which have so long been his in law ?"
  • there never has been a time in our history when work was so abundant or when wages were as high, whether measured by the currency in which they are paid or by their power to supply the necessaries and comforts of life".
  • "Great lives never go out; they go on".
  • I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process".
  • the bud of victory is always in the truth".
  • No other people have a government more worthy of their respect and love or a land so magnificent in extent, so pleasant to look upon, and so full of generous suggestion to enterprise and labor".

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