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Where is Italy

Italy lies in the southern part of Europe. Italy Location map provides a clear picture about the location of Italy on the Europe map.

Location Map Of Italy Italy Map
Description : Map showing where is Italy located in the World. Disclaimer

Italy, formally the Italian Republic is a European nation, located south of the continent. Italy is a peninsula surrounded by Adriatic Sea in the east, Ionian Sea in the southeast, Tyrrhenian Sea in the southwest and its southern boundary extending into the Mediterranean Sea. It shares its northern land boundary with France, Slovenia, Switzerland and Austria. Italy possess many islands including Sicily and Sardinia within its territory. Italy is located at a meeting point of African and Eurasian plate, in fact, island of Sicily is located northeast of Tunisia in Africa. Italy covers a total area of 301,340 sq. km. and is the seventy second largest country of the world. Italy is situated between 42° 50' N latitudes and 12° 50' E longitudes. Italy’s capital city Rome has been the home of Roman Empire and Christianity in the past. The smallest country of the world The Vatican City is located within the boundaries of Rome.

Italy due to its location near the Mediterranean Sea predominantly enjoys Mediterranean climate. Italy has mostly mountainous and rugged terrain. Italy’s architecture and art reveals its broad and diverse culture. It is the country with 49 of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and thus is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the world. Economically, Italy has the fifth largest economy in Europe and tenth largest economy in the world.

Last Updated : June 25, 2014

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