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Seborga Flag

by Aakash Singha

Seborga Flag - The principality of Seborga is within the Italian region of Liguria and is not recognized by the main countries of the world. The flag of Seborga has been in use since 1995.

Seborga Flag

Blank Seborga Flag

Download Picture of Blank Seborga Flag For Kids to Color

The flag of Seborga has been in use since 1995.

The so-called prince of the region, Giorgio Carbone claims the independent status of the area.

The village was not a principality earlier but a feud of the Cistercian Order. On 20 January 1729, it was annexed to the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia.

The flag of Seborga has been changed in 1997. The previous flag had the court of arms on it. The present Seborgian flag has the crown of the prince on it.

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