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Slovenia Map

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Where is Slovenia ?
Known as Republic of Slovenia officially, it is mountainous region located in the South-Central Europe and was part of former Yugoslav Republics.
Slovenia Map
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The Republic of Slovenia encompasses total area of 20,273 sq km. The Slovenia Map indicates the accurate geographical position of the country in Central Europe.
The Map of Slovenia points out the prominent cities and major places of tourist attractions of the country. Slovenia is encircled by Hungary, Austria, Italy and Croatia.

The country of Slovenia has a population of 2,009,245 as per the census data of 2007. Slovene, Bosniak, Croat and Serb are some of the prominent racial groups of Slovenia. The country adheres to a parliamentary republican style of government. Slovenia is further sub divided into one hundred and eighty two municipalities and eleven urban municipalities for administrative convenience.


Officially adopted in 1991 the Slovenian Flag is a tricolor consisting of three equal horinzontal stripes in white, blue and red along with Slovenian coat of arm at the upper left centered on the white and blue stripe

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