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Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy is a bell tower, famous for its dramatic tilt to one side. Located adjacent to the Cathedral of Pisa, the tower has become an icon of Italy. It is the third oldest structure in Pisa’s Cathedral Square. There are eight floors in leaning tower of Pisa including the observation deck at the top. The estimated weight of the tower is 14,500 metric tons. There are amazing leaning tower of Pisa facts that we will mention here.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was not originally intended to lean, but because it was built on soft soils the tower gradually tilted to one side. Prior to its restoration in 1990 to 2001, the tower had a tilt of 5.5 degrees. Many people think that it will fall one day.
Millions of tourists flock to the lawns around the tower to take the classic photo pretending to hold up (or knock down) the tower.
The white-marble tower has been built using the Romanesque medieval architectural style. It is believed to have been constructed by four architects, viz., Bonanno Pisano, Gherardo di Gherardo, Giovanni Pisano, and Giovanni di Simone.

Visitors can also climb the steps to the top inside the tower. Big blind arcades boasting geometrical decorations form the base of this tower. There are seven bells tuned clockwise to a musical scale located on top of the tower.

It is said that you must visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa during the day. At night the shops are closed and it appears unimpressive. But, if you plan to visit on a full moon night, the tower looks captivating.

Even though some people regard the tower to be an engineering failure owing to the tilt, yet the tower has acquired a special place in history. The tower has also been used for experiments by the famous Italian scientist named Galileo Galilei. He is believed to have thrown two balls (of different masses) from the tower to prove that their descending time was not related to their masses.
Products like olive oil or wine bottle (bearing the shape of the tower), ornament, jigsaw puzzle, tower nanoblock, Lego, Keychain, etc. are some of the examples that make it clear that due its popularity, it is even used as a marketing tactic to attract customers.

On your Tuscany tour you should not miss various points of interest near the Leaning Tower of Pisa include Lucca, Florence, Santa Maria della Spina, and Guelph Tower.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Map

Where is Leaning Tower of Pisa

Know Where is Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

 Facts about Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Few of the Leaning tower of Pisa facts are mention here for more information go to read more option:

  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy stands at a height of 55.86 meters (183.27 feet) on the low side; 56 meters (186.02 feet) on the high side.
  • The tower features a tilt of 3.99 degrees.
  • The construction of the Tower began in the year 1173 and ended in 1399.
  • The Italian name of the Tower is Torre Pendente di Pisa.
  • The Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois, in Chicago, is a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.
  • The Veer Towers in Las Vegas, with an inclination of 5 degrees from the center, are inspired from the Leaning Towers of Pisa. They are also known as the Leaning Towers in Las Vegas.
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Where is Leaning Tower Of Pisa?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Pisa, which is in the Tuscany region of Italy, not far from Florence. The tower is located in town Piazza del Duomo (Piazza of the Cathedral) along with the town’s cathedral and baptistry. You can take a taxi or choose to travel in a bus from the Pisa airport, located in the proximity of the city center.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Address

Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa, Italy

Best Time To Visit 

Mornings are the best time to beat the crowds, although seeing all the tourists and their photo-ops can be entertaining in itself. Summer in Pisa is very hot and humid, but expect rain in fall and winter.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Hours

The opening timings of the Tower are:

  • December and January: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • November and February: 9:40 am to 5:00 pm.
  • March: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • April to September: 8:30 am to 8:30 pm
  • October: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Tickets

The entry ticket to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy (and the Cathedral) costs Euro 18 per person. The tickets can be bought at the ticket office on site as well as online at For online bookings, the tickets must be bought 12 to 20 days prior to the date of the visit and are subject to availability.


  • What was the Leaning Tower of Pisa used for?
    The original purpose of building the tower was to use it as a bell tower for the duomo located in Pisa’s Campo dei Miracoli.
  • What’s inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
    A narrow staircase leads to the top of the tower. As the Tower is in danger, it has been closed for public access. So, you can not go inside the tower.
  • What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa called in French?
    It is called la tour penchée de Pise in French.
  • What direction does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?
    The tower leans to the southeast.
  • When did the Leaning Tower of Pisa start to lean?
    The tilt of the tower began during its construction. The tower had acquired a tilt of 5.5 degrees between 1990 and 2001.
  • How much does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean each year?
    Prior to the restoration works, the tower leaned millimeter per year. It was closed for 10 years and now it doesn’t lean any more. During the restorations, it was straightened by more than 40 cm, by digging the earth.
  • Who commissioned the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
    The city of Pisa commissioned the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Why the Leaning Tower of Pisa did not fall?
    The tower was constructed using limestone and lime mortar from the inside, and covered by a marble layering on the outer layer. It is because of the limestone that the tower has not cracked and the marble is flexible enough to resist the pressures resulting from the lean.
  • When is the Leaning Tower of Pisa going to fall over?
    The experts have said that because of the restoration, the tower may not fall for another 200 years.
  • How far is the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Florence?
    The tower is located at a distance of around 85.5 km from Florence.
  • How far is the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Rome?
    The tower is located at a distance of around 359.3 km from Rome.
  • What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa called in Spanish?
    It is called Torre Inclinada De Pisa in Spanish.
  • What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa called in Italian?
    It is called Torre pendente di Pisa in Italian.

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Published On: Friday, February 21st, 2014