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Modena Italy Map

by Vishal Kumar

Modena is a small Italian town in the province of Modena. It is the home town of the best of the engines produced in the world. Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Maserati to name a few.

Map of Modena City, Italy

It is an ancient Italian town with the permanent seat of the Archbishop in the heart of the mainland. At present, the name of the city is synonymous with some of the most well-known and important Italian car manufacturing companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati, and De Tomaso.

Modena Italy possesses diverse topographical features. Situated on the Pianura Padana, The borders of the country are surrounded by the twin rivers of Panaro and Secchia, It is these two tributaries of the Po River that add further to the scenic natural beauty of the country. The two rivers fountain found in the heart of Modena Italy actually marks the symbolic presence of these two rivers on the mainland areas. Naviglio channel offers an excellent waterway connection to the city from Panaro.

The Apennines is located in the southern parts of Modena Italy , some 10 kilometers away from the main city area. The population is assorted in nature belonging to diverse cultures and divided into four principal circoscrizioni:

  • Buon Pastore
  • San Lazzaro at Crocetta in East Modena
  • San Faustino-Saliceta San Giuliano in Madonnina-Quattro Ville
  • The historical region of Centro storico in San Cataldo

These are the popular tourist destinations in Modena Italy :

  • Ducal Palace
  • Communal Palace
  • Museum Palace or Palace Museum
  • Estense Gallery
  • Estense Library
  • The Cathedral and the Ghirlandina
  • The Gothic campanile called Torre della Ghirlandina
  • Museum of Mediaeval and Modern Art
  • Municipal Museum of Risorgimento
  • Este Headstones Museum
  • Graziosi Chalks Gallery
  • Archaeological and Ethnological Museum
  • San Vincenzo
  • The Synagogue
  • The church of St. Augustine
  • The church of St. Francis
  • The church of St. George
  • Santa Maria della Pomposa popularly called Aedes Muratoriana

Modena Italy has a very rich educational background. The University of Modena, founded as early as 1175 was expanded in the hands of Francesco II d’Este in 1686 to gain considerable international recognition in the sphere of education. The University is known to excel in the studies of traditional medicine and law. The rigid military training of the Italian officers in the Italian Military Academy and the Baroque ducal palace at Modena are some places of popular interest in the city. The historical volumes and 3,000 manuscripts existing in the Biblioteca Estense also draw the attention of considerable tourists.

The sports culture of Modena Italy is rich and diverse, centering mainly on motor racing, football, and volleyball. The famous football club of the city – Modena F.C plays in the Italian second division football in the series B category. Volleyball has yet another significant place in the history of Italian sport, with Panini Modena club winning as many as 11 Championships on the national level, 4 Champion’s League, and a few more trophies in volleyball.

Modena Italy has a rich individual entity of its own. As one of the popular Italian cities, it is well known for the unity and diversity that exists among its population (176,990 in 1991) which makes travel to this land interesting and enjoyable.

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