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Turin Italy Map

by Vishal Kumar

The city is rich in culture and history, known for its numerous art galleries, restaurants, churches, palaces, opera houses, piazzas, gardens, theatres, museums, and other venues.

Turin Italy Map

Turin, Italy is situated on the banks of the Po River. Turin has stood as Italy’s first capital. Today Turin in Italy is an industrialized town and is also the center for business and culture in northern Italy. Turin is one of the densely populated areas in Italy.

Shroud of Turin brings great recognition to the city. Turin is also the headquarter of the biggest football club that is Juventus FC. Head Quarter of the most prestigious automobile “Fiat” is also located here in Turin, Italy. The Winter Olympics of the year 2006 was also held here in Turin.

The Alps to the north and hills of Monferrato to the south surround Turin. The four rivers Po, Dora Riparia, Stuar di Lanzo, and Sangone flow through this city. Turin experiences a continental climate. During winter it is cold and dry whereas in the summers the hilly regions are cool and the plains suffer a hike in the temperature level.

Turin in the year 2005, had a population of around 902,255. People from other parts of Italy and Eastern Europe have immigrated to Turin, thus raising the demographic graph of Turin.

The economy of Turin majorly depends upon the car Industry, aerospace industry, and chocolate industry.

Turin has a good network of transport. Turin, Italy is well connected to every part of Europe and Italy by roads, rails, and air.

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