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Where is Switzerland ?
Switzerland Locator
The Swiss Confederation is a landlocked country, consisting of 26 cantons. It is a federal republic located in Western Europe. It shares its borders with Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east.
Switzerland map showing their cantons, major roads, cities, rivers, lakes, interesting points, airports of Swiss Confederation country. France Map Germany Map Germany Map Liechtenstein Map Austria Map Italy Map

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Description Map :-Switzerland is a relatively small country spanning across an area of 15,940 sq miles in Western Europe. Most of southern Switzerland is mountainous - the Alps stretch across the southern region. The Swiss National Park to the east and the Jet d'Eau and Chillon Castle to the south west are among the few tourist attractions to the south of Switzerland. Bern is the seat of federal administration in the country. Zurich, Zug, Lausanne, Delemont, Geneva, and Schaffhausen are other important cities in the country. Lake Neuchatel, Lake Geneva, and Lake Zurich are the important lakes in Switzerland and are plotted on the map. The Swiss National Museum and the Zurich Art Gallery are among the important points of interest in northern Switzerland.
Switzerland lies in Central Europe with France in the eastern side and Italy in the northern side. The Map of Switzerland indicates the exact geographical location of the country.

The Switzerland Map points out the climatic variations, heterogeneous topography and natural vegetation of the country.

Switzerland is spread over total area of 41,290 sq km. The country holds a multi-ethnic and multi religious population of 7,554,661. German, Italian, Romansch and French are the officially recognized languages of Switzerland. The capital of Switzerland is Bern. The Switzerland vacation offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the natural splendor of the place.


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Last Updated On : January 18, 2013

Flag of Switzerland
The official flag of Switzerland is red in color with a white color cross at the centre. Switzerland Flag was adopted in 1889.
Official Name Switzerland
Lat Long46.95, 7.45
Largest CityZürich
Official LanguageGerman, French, Italian, Romansh
Major ReligionChristian ,Islam
Form of GovernmentFederal Republic with Directorial System and Direct Democracy
PresidentFederal Council Seven Members : D. Leuthard , E. Widmer-Schlumpf , U. Maurer , D. Burkhalter (Presid
Vice PresidentFederal Chancellor -C. Casanova
CurrencySwiss franc (CHF)
GDP$636.059 billion
Calling code41
Time ZoneCET (UTC+1)