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Minnesota Map (MN)

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Where is Minnesota ?
Minnesota is famously nicknamed as the "Land of 10,000 lakes", since there are about 11,842 lakes in the state. Minnesota is the 21st most populous state of United States.
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Top Viewed Minnesota Maps

The MN map, offers comprehensive information on the precise geographic location, topography, important cities, and communication systems of the USA. The Minnesota Map also highlights the capital city, major tourist destinations, and administrative divisions of the state. Minnesota Maps can be easily accessed from

Various types of maps regarding Minnesota and its pertinent locations can be found on the site:
  • Visitors can get a clear idea of Minnesota from the Map of MN State.
  • The Minnesota County Map points out the 87 counties of the state.
  • The Minnesota State Map provides an overview of the prominent cities, national parks, and golfing destinations of the state.
  • The Physical Map of Minnesota clearly defines the geographical contours of the state.
  • Minnesota Road Map shows the important roadways and highways passing through the state.
  • Minnesota River Map provides accurate information on the directional flow of the Minnesota River, Red River, Mississippi River, and St. Croix Rivers all found within Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Street Map covers every detail related to the streets of the state.
  • The Minnesota Map Of Cities serves as a useful tourist guide that provides authentic information on the major cities.
  • The Topographical Map of Minnesota gives detailed overview of the diverse landscape of the state.
  • The Political Map of Minnesota highlights the political and administrative divisions of the state.
  • Minnesota Airports Map is useful for tourists who wish to fly into the state.
  • The Minnesota Map or Map of Minnesota provides an illustrious description of the important places of the state. The Map of Minnesota State is useful for travelers who wish to explore the various tourist destinations and cultural hubs of the state.
College in Minnesota:
Minnesota is well known for the world-class education and novel courses it offers. Minnesota hosts excellent schools, colleges, and the University of Minnesota, which employs expert faculty.

Minnesota Business College provides specialized career training programs and is renowned as one of the most recognized resources for business education. The Art Institute of Minnesota helps prepare students with an interest in visual and practical arts. University of Minnesota Duluth also offers high quality academic programs to students.

Flag of Minnesota
The official flag of Minnesota was adopted in 1957. The flag consists of the seal of the state on blue background.
Facts about Minnesota
Joined the UnionMay 11, 1858
NicknameNorth Star State
CapitalSaint Paul
Largest CityMinneapolis
Area86,939 sq miles
Highest PointEagle Mountain
Lowest PointLake Superior
Time ZoneCentral : UTC−06:00
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