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Map of Michigan

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Where is Michigan ?
Michigan (MI), a state, is in the Midwestern region of USA. The capital of Michigan state is Lansing and the Largest City is Detroit.
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About Michigan Map : This map of Michigan shows the country boundary separating Michigan from Canada. It also depicts state boundaries. It shows highways, state highways, railway lines, rivers, lakes, national parks and forests. The Michigan map also represents the state capital Lansing along with major cities, other cities and major attractions.

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The Michigan Map provides comprehensive information on the geography, topography, and climate of the state. Michigan is situated in the northeastern United States. Michigan shares water borders with Michigan and Wisconsin across Lake Michigan, and land boundaries with Ohio and Indiana. Michigan is politically subdivided into 83 counties, each of which is administered by a county seat. The counties of Michigan are further divided into cities.

Michigan is easily reachable by car, train, or airplane. Interstate 75 and Interstate 69 join northern Michigan with the southern part of the state. Eastern Michigan is connected to the western part by Interstate 96, Interstate 94, and Interstate 196. The railway in Michigan help in the easy accessibility around the state, and the passenger train is often the cheapest and comfortable mode of transportation around Michigan.

The main rivers in Michigan include St. Joseph, Grand, Muskegon, Pere Marquette, Manistee and Kalamazoo. Michigan has about 850 golf courses. The Huron Hills Club and Grand Traverse Resort and Spa are some of the notable golf clubs in Michigan.

Michigan also features several well regarded museums, including Natural Science Museums, Historical Museum of Bay County, Michigan Guild Gallery and Burton Memorial Tower.

The earliest people present in what is now the state of Michigan was as far back as 11,000 BCE. The tribes present during the time of European settler contact were Algonquian including the Ottawa and Ojibwe, and the Potawatomi.

The place was first "discovered" by the French in the 17th century. Later, during the War of 1812, the territory of Michigan was ceded after an almost bloodless seige. The territory was later taken by the Americans in the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie. The state contributed significantly to the American Union in the Civil War.

Michigan is situated in the Great Lakes region in the US midwest. Michigan derives its name from a French and Ojibwa mixture of words meaning "large lake" or "large water". The state is ninth among 50 of the states in terms of population. It's capital is situated at Lansing. Detroit, however, is its largest city.

The state of Michigan is surrounded by four of the five lakes of the Great Lakes along with Lake Saint Clair. The state of Michigan consists of two peninsulas: the Upper and the Lower Peninsula. These are separated by an eight-kilometer channel joining Lakes Michigan and Huron, called the Straits of Mackinac.

Michigan consists of several wineries, museums, water parks, zoos and lighthouses. Detroit, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor are its top cities in terms of tourism. Flint, Lansing and Traverse City are also popular destinations.

Places of interest in Michigan include Mackinac Island, The Henry Ford, Detroit Opera House, Royal Oak Music Theatre, and so on. Michigan has something for everyone - amusement and water parks for kids, wineries for adults inclined to such tastes, museums for the culturally oriented, etc.

Michigan consists of several public universities and a number of private colleges too. Major universities are Central Michigan University, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, Wayne State University, etc.

Michigan Universities
Michigan features a number of excellent institutions of higher education that have nationally ranked programs. The public university system in Michigan is highly regarded and considered one of the country's public Ivies, with schools like the University of Michigan and Michigan State in East Lansing. Other good universities in Michigan are Kalamazoo College and Wayne State University.

Last Updated On : May 09, 2014

The official flag of Michigan has a blue background with the Coat of arms of Michigan that has a shield which consists of a man with a gun which represents that people have the ability to stand for their rights. There is a bald eagle and great animals of the Michigan also.
Joined the UnionJan 26, 1837
NicknameThe Great Lakes State
Largest CityDetroit
Area96,716 sq mi
Highest pointMount Arvon
Lowest pointLake Erie
Time ZoneEastern: UTC -5/-4 / Central: UTC -6/-5
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