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Map of South Dakota

Where is South Dakota ?
South Dakota (SD), a state, is in the Midwestern region of the USA. The capital of the state is Pierre and the largest city is Sioux Falls.
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About South Dakota

South Dakota is located in the Midwestern region of the United States, and is the 17th largest in the nation. The state is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes, which inhabited the region when the first Europeans arrived. For its large land area, the South-Dakota state is ironically the 5th least populous, with an average of 10 people for every square mile.

History of South Dakota

South Dakota has a rich historical heritage. The region was inhabited by the Paleoindian hunter-gatherers that disappeared in 5000 BC. The next settlers were the Mound Builders that inhabited the land from 500-800 AD. In the 1500's, the Arikara natives settled in the Missouri River Valley, and eventually the Sioux Indians arrived in the 17th century, dominating the region when the first European explorers arrived.

It was in 1743 when the LaVerendrye brothers came to the region and buried a plate near present-day Pierre, to claim the land for France. In 1803, the US bought the Louisiana Territory from France, which included South Dakota, for $11,000,000.

The first permanent settlements in the region came after the American fur trading post was established in 1817 in today's Fort Pierre. Farmers and land speculators from Iowa and Minnesota began arriving in the 1850's, contributing to the significant population in the region. In 1874, the South Dakota gold rush occurred in the Black Hills region, causing a surge of miners and arrivals to the area.

Due to the region's increasing population, Dakota was divided in half, creating North Dakota and South Dakota in 1889, where both regions achieved statehood on the same date.

South Dakota is situated in the north central part of the United States. North Dakota borders to the north, Nebraska to the south, Wyoming and Montana to the west, and Iowa and Minnesota to the east.

The state's highest point is Harney Peak with an elevation of 7,242 feet. There are 5 major rivers in the state, which are Cheyenne, White Rivers, Big Sioux, James, and Missouri River - the largest and longest of all.

South Dakota has 3 regions: the south and west, separated by the Missouri River, and the Black Hills - located southwest of the state and treated as a separate region.

Travel Attractions of South Dakota

South Dakota is famously known for being The Mount Rushmore State. The famous Mount Rushmore, with mountainside giant sculptures of 4 US presidents are known worldwide. This national memorial was created in 1925 and located in the Black Hills.

The state is filled with outdoor monuments and natural attractions that attract millions of tourists each year. In fact, tourism is the state's 2nd largest industry. Harney Peak in the Black Elk Wilderness area in southern Pennington, also located in the Black Hills region, has the highest peak of the state - offering spectacular views and a historic old stone tower that functioned as a fire lookout tower when it was built.

Sylvan Lake is dubbed as the crown jewel of Cluster State Park, also in the Black Hills, offering picnic areas, rock climbing, boat rentals, swimming, and hiking trails to outdoor excursionists. The Mammoth Site is a working paleontological dig with one of the largest concentrations of mammoth remains in the world - an interesting attraction that is visited by prehistoric enthusiasts.

There are over 700 public schools in the state, which gives the region the highest number of schools per capita in the US. There are 6 public universities in the state, with South Dakota State University in Brookings the largest, and the University of South Dakota in Vermillion the oldest.

Last Updated On : February 16, 2015

The official flag of South Dakota was adopted on 9th November 1992. It consists of a seal of the state at the center of the flag that has sky blue background.
Official Name South-dakota
Area77,116 sq m (199,729 km2)
Population853,175 (2014 est)
Largest CitySioux Falls
Official LanguageEnglish (Spoken : Lakota, Dakota and Spanish)
Time Zoneeastern half Central: UTC -6/-5, western half Mountain: UTC -7/-6
GovernorDennis Daugaard
Lt. GovernorMatt Michels
U.S. SenatorMike Rounds, John Thune
AbbreviationSD, US-SD
Joined the UnionNovember 2, 1889
NicknameThe Mount Rushmore State
Highest PointHarney Peak
Lowest PointBig Stone Lake on Minnesota border

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