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Map of North Dakota

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Where is North Dakota ?
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Rightly called a Food Basket to the Nation, North Dakota is the land of wild prairie rose, sunflower, and expansive ranches. This North Dakota Map is the first step to exploring the best of this Midwestern US state
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About North Dakota Map

The above map of North Dakota shows that the state has Montana, Minnesota, and South Dakota as its neighbors with Canada sharing its international boundary on the north. The map of the 19th largest US state depicts state highways, interstate highways, and major cities such as Fargo, Grand Forks, and Bismarck – the state capital in the south. You can refer the North Dakota travel map to identify popular tourists attractions such as Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Devils Lake.

History of North Dakota

North Dakota was home to several Native American tribes before the advent of the Europeans. It was in the 18th century that Europeans established trade contact with the tribes. It was a part of the Minnesota Territory and later Dakota Territory. A separate state of North Dakota was formed in 1889. It is the 39th state of the United States.

The state has three distinct geographical regions: Red River Valley, the Drift Prairie, and the Great Plains. It also has Badlands in the southwestern part of its territory. Important rivers of North Dakota are the Red River and Missouri River. The state is very rich in mineral resources, especially fossil fuels.

North Dakota enjoys a typical continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. The state experiences snowstorms and tornados in spring.

Travel : 
Some places of tourist interest in North Dakota are listed below : 
  1. Fargo : Tourists would just love this city. Visit the Red River Zoo, Thunder Road Amusement Park, Fargo Theatre, Bonanzaville USA, and the Fargo Air Museum. The Fargo Marathon is another attraction of the city.

  2. Grand Forks : It is home to the University of North Dakota. Popular tourist spots include the Flood Memorial Monument, North Dakota Museum of Art, Splasher's of the South Seas, and Japanese Gardens. Hockey enthusiasts would love the Ralph Englestad Arena.

  3. Bismarck : It is the capital of North Dakota and it lies on the east bank of the Missouri River. It has many interesting places that attract tourists all over the world. Some of these attractions are the Dakota Zoo, North Dakota Heritage Center, State Capitol Building, the Missouri River, and the McDowell Dam Nature Park.

  4. Mandan : Founded in 1879, this city lies on the banks of the mighty Missouri River. Some interesting tourist sites of the city are the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, On-A-Slant Village, North Dakota State Railroad Museum, and the Raging Rivers Waterpark. Outdoor enthusiasts would love the Huff Hills Ski Area and the Mandan Municipal Golf Course.

  5. Medora : This is a city in the Billings County and is named after a French nobleman’s wife. Places of tourist interest include the famous Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Chateau de Mores State Historic Site, Maah Daah Hey Trail, Medora Riding Stables, Little Missouri National Grassland, North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, and Caprock-Coulee Trail.

  6. Jamestown : If you visit Jamestown, take out some time and pay a visit to the unique National Buffalo Museum. Other popular tourist spots include Stutsman County Memorial Museum, Frontier Village, and the Jamestown Speedway.

Other notable places of tourist interest are : 
  1. Lake LaMoure : A beautiful lake, particularly known for the fireworks show on 4th of July.
  2. Fort Union Trading Post : An important fort in upper Missouri. It is situated in Williston.
Last Updated : May 12, 2016

The official flag of North Dakota has a dark blue background, that has a bald eagle which has a strip in the beak that states "One nation made up of many states" and which holds an Olive branch and a bundle of arrows in its claws.
Official Name North-dakota
Area70,700 sq mi (183,272 km2)
Population739,482 (2014 est)
Largest CityFargo
Official LanguageEnglish ( Spoken : English. 1.39% (8,593) spoke German, 1.37% (8,432) spoke Spanish, and 0.30% (1,847) spoke Norwegian. Other languages spoken included Serbo-Croatian (0.19%), Chinese and Japanese (both 0.15%), and other Native American languages and French (both 0.13%)
Time ZoneUTC -6/-5
GovernorJack Dalrymple
Lt. GovernorDrew Wrigley
U.S. SenatorJohn Hoeven, Heidi Heitkamp
AbbreviationND, US-ND
Joined the UnionNovember 2, 1889
NicknamePeace Garden State, Roughrider State, Flickertail State
Highest PointWhite Butte
Lowest PointRed River of the North

North dakota news and updates

Man charged with homicide in hit and run in North Dakota

The driver of the vehicle that reportedly killed a child in North Dakota has pleaded not guilty to a second-degree homicide charge. As per reports, Richard Jackson Sr. was driving the car in St. Michael with three other passengers when he hit and killed the five-year-old child. A statement from Spirit Lake Reservation officials said that Jackson was intoxicated at the time the accident took place.

09:51 PM, May 26, 2016 (PST)

North Dakota Travel Guide

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