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MapXL, Inc. is a California based subsidiary of Compare Infobase Limited, a premier cartography and GIS company developing & creating maps, and map products for over 18 years. We work in three distinct business domains: Mapping Portals (online), Mapping Projects (custom services), and Mapping Products (Ecommerce).
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Our Mapping Solutions are aimed at solving real-world problems and that’s why our services & products have been accepted and used in over 50 countries worldwide. Creating Map Products in over 20 different languages caters to our different verticals, including Government, Education, Publishing, Telecom, Automotive, Real Estate, Health Care, and Sports & Entertainment. We are business partners with National Geographic,, and Google, as well as proud members of the International Map Trade Association.
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About Maps

Since its humble beginnings, maps have opened up new ways to look at the world we live in. Contemporary maps have become an excellent platform to combine different pieces of information and ideas seamlessly. The wonder of mapping and cartography is still evolving exponentially and new ways of uniting knowledge with geography have become a fun and innovative way to connect with our audience.
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So, why do you even need a map?

The simple answer to this is, everything has a root, whether you are talking of culinary traditions or the climate of a place. A map provides a bird’s eye view of the entire picture and explains the root of a theme.

For example, if you own a creole restaurant and wondering what to put up on the wall, a customized map of creole cuisine and how it evolved and matured in different parts of Louisiana could be a great idea. Or if you want to decorate a classroom with students from a very diverse background, a customized map is the best way to celebrate individual cultures of the students present.

There are, of course, other academic uses of the good ol’ map. If a picture can speak a thousand words, a map can speak ten thousand. This is best illustrated by historical maps, which mark events in a concise and clear fashion. For example, the best way to teach American Revolution to new students is to use a map which merges historical events with spatial geography. It makes more sense to teach things this way as it helps create a deeper impact than just plain texts.

Apart from specific applications, the world map is a charming addition to any study room. It’s an essential component of any home. Now when you can customize your map your way, why go for the poor quality discounted ones?

We not only deliver on regular maps, but maps with niche categories like World Tourism Map, World Map of Fault Lines, Map of World Best Shopping Destinations, and also a whole range of US centric maps. Some of the best-sellers are US Map with Capitals, USA River Map, USA Airports Map, Museums of USA and USA County Map.

Another classic application for maps is thematic representations. Thematic maps are maps which focus on a particular aspect like say, historical, cultural, technological, economical, etc. Maps are one of the best ways to look at the bigger picture and now with advanced technology, you can select which part of the picture you want to focus on. For example, we can create you a map of American cities with top GDPs, or maps that focus on natural resources, climatic conditions, social characteristics, etc.

The possibilities are limitless and your requirements are the boundaries. We simply design and create a map which best speaks your line of trade. Creating and designing the best map is our only ambition which we carry forward with great passion. We are lucky to have a wide customer base throughout the world and are greatly humbled with their generous loyalty.

It is why we always try to understand our customers personally and deliver on exactly what they need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries and quotes on customizable maps. We would love to assist you with all your mapping and cartographic needs. Read Less

World Sea Routes Map
World Sea Routes Map
Texas County Map
US Map with Capitals
US Map with Capitals
The World's Best World Map
The World's Best World Map

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