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US Presidents
Age of Earth
4.6 billion years
Surface Area
510,066,000 sq km
Land Area
148,647,000 sq km
Water Area
361,419,000 sq km
Total Coastline
356,000 km
World Population
7.125 bn (2013)
Total Countries
192 (UN Members)
Highest Point
Mt. Everest
Lowest Point
Dead Sea
Escape velocity
6.95 miles/s
24,901 miles
Diameter of earth
7,918 miles
Radius of earth
3,959 miles
Orbit Speed
66,700 mph
Sun Orbit
365 days
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Originally, the name ‘Map’ comes from the Latin word “mappa”, meaning napkin or paper that was used to draw a map on. Conventionally, a map represents the world on a plane surface, enabling one to locate parts of earth, or other bodies and features depicting their position. Maps can be viewed as tools that symbolically represent a place, reduced in size. Maps represent political boundaries, natural resources, physical features, roads, and topography. Maps have actually helped us understand the world around us. more...

World Map

A World Map is a pictorial representation or drawing of the entire world geography with features such as rivers, cities, countries, gulfs, mountains, oceans, etc. marked on a flat surface such as paper. The entire globe is visualised and brought to life on such a drawing through major markings. Cartographers study and analyze and then correlate measurements proportionate to the Map or paper requirements. Nowadays, World Maps derived by using GIS software are available online in various formats.

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