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Antarctica Map

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Where is Antarctica ?
Locator - Antarctica Map
Antarctic circle is the coldest and driest desert covering total area of 5.4 million sq miles (fifth largest continent) in the world. Antarctica is the southernmost continent, surrounding the South Pole located in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere.
Antarctica Map
About Antarctica Map :-Antarctica is the Earth's southernmost continent, surroundingthe South Pole. Situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere Antarctica is the coldest and driest desert in the world. The Map of Antarctica shows the various snow-covered regions of the continent and the various regions such as Queen Maud Land, Mac Robertson Land, Marrie Byrd Land, and Wilkes Land. The map also shows the various research stations of the different countries in Antarctica - Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Byrd Station, McMurdo Station, Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Siple Station Permanent (US), Vernadsky Research Base, Halley Research Station, Rothera Research Station, Signy Research Station (UK), Bellingshausen Station, Leningradskaya Station (Russia), Maitri Station (India), Neumayer-Station III (Germany), Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) Station (PRC) and many others.

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Last Updated On : January 23, 2013

Antarctica has no official flag as it is not a nation nor is it ruled by a single government or body. The Antarctic Treaty Organization adopted a flag in 2002 and is used as an unofficial symbol of the continent.
Lat Long90.0000° S, 0.0000° W
Area14,000,000 km2 (5,400,000 sq mi)
Population1,000 to 5,000 people
Official LanguageEnglish
Major ReligionArmenian Apostolic 93.00% Other Christianity 2.00% Yazidism 1.00% None or Other 4.00%
CurrencyAntarctican dollars
Calling code+672
Time Zone(UTC+03:00), (UTC+06:00), (UTC+08:00), (UTC+12:00)

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