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Where is Ukraine ?
Ukraine is the second largest country that is part of contiguous Europe. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, bordering Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. Ukraine also has borders along the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.
Ukraine Map
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Updates on Ukraine Protest

The NATO military chief warned that the Russian troops could invade Ukraine very swiftly. Energy supplies must not be used as a political weapon, says Secretary of State John Kerry.
03-04-2014 01:42:01 AM (EST)
Dmitry Medvedev, PM of Russia, finally visited Crimea after it was annexed from Ukraine. He declared that Crimea would be a special economic zone and enjoy the benefits, incentives etc. related to businesses.
31-03-2014 07:57:20 AM (EST)
Russia suggests a 'federal' structure for Ukraine ahead of talks with the U.S.
31-03-2014 02:09:47 AM (EST)
According to the White House, Russian President Putin called up Obama to discuss the situation in Ukraine. They both agreed to meetto discuss next steps.
29-03-2014 05:48:17 AM (EST)
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, declared that Russia will launch its own system of payment. He did this as the famous companies Visa and MasterCard declined their services to banks of Russia because of sanctions (Ukraine Crisis) imposed by different countries.
28-03-2014 07:06:00 AM (EST)
Recently the World Bank warned that the crisis over Crimea could cause the Russian economy into recession this year even without trade sanctions by the West.
27-03-2014 02:05:26 AM (EST)
Ukraine's parliament dismisses defense minister, Ihor Tenyukh over his handling of Crimean crisis. Col.-Gen. Mykhailo Koval has been voted by the parliament to be appointed as his successor.
26-03-2014 02:20:18 AM (EST)
Sergei Lavrov, Foreign Minister, Russia and Andriy Deshchytsia, Ukraine's Foreign Minister , met for the very first time after Crimea's annexation. G-8 members said they will not plan a summit in Russia.
25-03-2014 06:57:19 AM (EST)
White House: U.S. and 6 other Western nations vote to effectively kick Russia out of G8 after annexation of Crimea.
25-03-2014 01:46:49 AM (EST)
President Obama calls Russia's attempt to annex Crimea a flagrant breach of international law.
24-03-2014 07:49:38 AM (EST)
Ukraine to finally withdraw troops from Crimea.
24-03-2014 07:49:30 AM (EST)
Russian troops stormed and seized Ukrainian naval base in Crimean port of Feodosia.
24-03-2014 04:59:41 AM (EST)
Ukraine has lost nearly all the warships it had in the Crimean Peninsula and the government ordered the crew to resist until the end.The Ukranian Defence Minister lately said that though the orders were given to the commanders to use their arms, they did not use them to avoid bloodshed.
24-03-2014 01:19:15 AM (EST)
The tense stand-off between Russia and the West over Crimea and Ukraine has led to sanctions being imposed on members of the Russian elite by the EU and the US.According to the experts, Russia,which is already on the edge of recession, has a lot to lose from any economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the US - as does Europe.
22-03-2014 03:01:48 AM (EST)
Russian President Vladimir Putin signs laws completing Crimea's accession to Russia.
21-03-2014 07:45:35 AM (EST)
G-8 countries which include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, USA and EU have rejected the participation of Russia in the G-8 summit because of Ukraine crisis.
18-03-2014 08:38:59 AM (EST)
John Kerry, Secretary of State, US reached London to discuss about Russia's actions towards Ukraine. Russia has been warned by US and European Union and want Russia not to go for any military action in Ukraine.
14-03-2014 07:12:08 AM (EST)
Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, expressed its concern for Russia that the latter has to face political and economic consequences if it doesn't reach to an amiable decision with respect to Ukraine. Angela Merkel is strictly in against of the use of military by Russia for Ukraine.
13-03-2014 07:23:31 AM (EST)
Several foreign policy analysts consider Vladimir Putin's moves in Ukraine to be smart. However, Andrew Kuchins of Politico Magazine begs to differ and thinks that the Russian president may have made a big mistake similar to one made by Leonid Brezhnev when he decided to invade Afghanistan in 1979.
13-03-2014 03:29:13 AM (EST)
U.S. President Barack Obama and Ukrainian interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk warned Russian government that they have to face the consequences if it doesn't remove its troops from Crimea and Kiev.
13-03-2014 01:34:33 AM (EST)
Russia has been warned by US that there will be a huge cost of their actions in the Crimea region in Ukraine. US advised Russia to call back their military from Ukraine. US is trying hard to prevent Russia from military actions in Ukraine.
12-03-2014 06:55:35 AM (EST)
Flights into Crimea from Kiev and Istanbul have been suspended until at least Monday. Flights to and from Moscow operating normally.
12-03-2014 05:18:23 AM (EST)
On Tuesday, passengers disembarking in Simferopol saw pro-Russian militiamen wearing red armbands that proclaim their allegiance to "the autonomous republic of Crimea. They said they were in search of people who were bringing weapons from Ukraine and Maidan.
12-03-2014 02:36:06 AM (EST)
Russia's parliament will discuss legislation on Crimea joining the Russian Federation, Russia's state-run RIA-Novosti reports.
12-03-2014 00:54:58 AM (EST)
Russia agreed to provide aid of $1.1 billion to Crimea region as the latter favored to be a part of Russia instead of Ukraine. Russia has already kept aside funds that will be used in the development of Crimea's economic and industrial sectors.
10-03-2014 06:54:19 AM (EST)
Crimea, an autonomous region in Ukraine's southern side has most of the Russian population. After the day when Crimean parliament gave its vote in favor to join Russia, the latter ensured that there will be no danger of sanctions by US or Europe.
07-03-2014 06:11:57 AM (EST)
In a meeting with Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, Kerry stressed a need for a direct Russian-Ukrainian dialogue and the importance of allowing international monitors into Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Kerry emphasized that Ukraine must remain whole.
07-03-2014 03:43:55 AM (EST)
In hour-long call with Putin, Obama calls on Russia to hold direct talks with Ukraine
07-03-2014 01:56:19 AM (EST)
The Parliament of Crimea voted in favor to join Russia.
06-03-2014 06:44:00 AM (EST)
Heads of states in Europe plan to discuss about the crisis in Ukraine.
06-03-2014 06:14:04 AM (EST)
The European Union in Brussels freezes assets of Ukraine's ousted leader. The freeze, targets people "identified as responsible" for misappropriating Ukrainian state funds.
06-03-2014 03:58:06 AM (EST)
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said he will meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris. According to Lavrov,the Ukrainian president was removed unconstitutionally.
06-03-2014 01:38:34 AM (EST)
A leaked phone call between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet has revealed that the two discussed a conspiracy theory that blamed the killing of civilian protesters in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev,
05-03-2014 23:45:15 PM (EST)
Top diplomats from the major players trying to find an end to the crisis in Ukraine are gathering in Paris
05-03-2014 06:36:22 AM (EST)
US plays a crucial rule in the Ukraine crisis with Russia. John Kerry, US Secretary of State and Sergei Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister will do a face to face meeting for the same. Also discussion between NATO and Russia will take place in Brussels regarding the Russian and Ukrainian soldiers' presence in Crimea region.
05-03-2014 05:50:31 AM (EST)
Russian forces seized two Ukrainian missile defence battalions in the Crimea region of Kiev. Also, according to the French foreign minister, EU will consider sanctions against Russia on Thursday if there is no de-escalation in Ukraine.
05-03-2014 04:43:15 AM (EST)
US secretary of state, John Kerry arrives in Kiev. Putin says no need to send troops to Ukraine.
05-03-2014 02:29:35 AM (EST)
President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, asserted that he does not want Crimea region to become the part of Russia. Also soldiers who were present near the Ukraine border were called back to their bases. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, will visit Kiev, capital of Ukraine, to talk about the support which is to be provided to Ukraine.
04-03-2014 06:52:34 AM (EST)
Russia has vowed its troops will remain in Ukraine to protect Russian interests and citizens until the political situation has been "normalised". Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia was defending human rights against "ultra-nationalist threats". Russia is now in de facto military control of the Crimea region.
03-03-2014 08:48:41 AM (EST)
Russian troops are suspected to have taken over a ferry terminal in Kerch, in the Crimea region in Ukraine, which is mostly used by ships bound to Russia. With rising fears of Russian invasion in the region, Russia's G8 partners have highly condemned the actions.
03-03-2014 07:15:01 AM (EST)
Russia has made its military hold more strong in Ukraine's Crimea region. The action of Russia has been condemned by David Cameron and Barack Obama and said that Russia should face "significant costs" for its actions.
03-03-2014 05:42:03 AM (EST)
The new Ukrainian government has started mobilizing its forces as the tension in the area grows. With the way things are at the moment, war cannot be ruled out even as the world leaders are pushing for a diplomatic solution.
03-03-2014 03:50:23 AM (EST)
The new Ukrainian government has started mobilizing its forces as the tension in the area grows. With the way things are at the moment, war cannot be ruled out even as the world leaders are pushing for a diplomatic solution.
03-03-2014 03:50:04 AM (EST)
On Tuesday, US Secretary of State, John Kerry would visit Kiev. US is clear on its stand against Russia and Kerry has mentioned Sochi G-8 would not happen if the military campaign is not seized.
03-03-2014 01:47:12 AM (EST)
Ukraine military forces have been put under high alert, and is ready for war against Russia's invasion of its Crimea region, as Russian President Vladimir Putin declared he had the right to invade his neighbor. The nation's PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk, sent a message to the international community, saying that his country was on the brink of disaster, as he accuses Russia of declaring war. He said to the media, “This is the red alert, this is not a threat, this is actually a declaration of war to my country.” US President, Barack Obama along with British Prime Minister, David Cameron; Polish President, Bronislaw Komorowski; and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have expressed concern over the violation of Ukraine by Russia, a serious intrusion into the country's sovereignty and freedom. World leaders are treating this action as Russia's defiance to international security.
02-03-2014 23:15:41 PM (EST)
Ukraine Blames Russia for Illegal Military Intervention: 1 March 2014 Ukraine’s U.N. Ambassador, Yuriy Sergeyev clearly accused the Russian militia’s involvement in the escalation of violent activities in the Crimea region of Ukraine. He accused Russia of sending military planes illegally across the Soviet border. “We are strong enough to defend ourselves”, he stated to the media after a meeting with the UN Security Council about the escalating crisis in Ukraine, at the U.N. headquarters in New York. In an earlier instance, armed men seized two airports in the Crimea region of Ukraine, which is suspected as Russia’s attempt to invade the Pro-Russia area. Russia has denied any involvement in the attacks.
01-03-2014 02:00:56 AM (EST)
Pro-Russian Military Activity Suspected in Crimea, Ukraine. Unidentified gunmen have blocked a Ukrainian military airport in Crimea's Black Sea port, Sevastopol near Russia's naval base. The armed men are alleged to be Russian military. Arsen Avakov, Ukraine's Interior Minister issued a statement saying, that the services at the airport continue without any delay or interruptions, serving Simferpol. He says, “ I can only describe this as a military invasion and occupation”. The Russian military activity in the Crimea region has raised suspicions of the involvement from Moscow, though no unusual activity has also been detected, says an US official. On the other hand, Ukraine's Parliament is seeking help to resolve the nation's crisis and maintain peace in a meeting with the UN Security Council.
28-02-2014 06:48:03 AM (EST)
On Friday morning, around 50 armed personnel clad in military uniforms with Russian navy insignia, annexed the Belbek International Airport of Sevastopol in Crimea and also the airport, which serves the regional capital.
28-02-2014 04:20:54 AM (EST)
Tension in Ukraine mounts on Wednesday, February 26, as plenty of forearmed gunmen captured the two government buildings in the Simferopol region of Crimea and raised the Russian flag. Around 15,000 Russian soldiers carried out this military expedition.
27-02-2014 07:44:22 AM (EST)
Oleksander Turchynov, the interim head of Ukraine is quite apprehensive about the present state in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea as the people corroborated there against the insurrection in Kiev. He called a meeting on Tuesday, February 25 with the interior ministries, and dignitaries from the defence to ward off every possible peril of segregation, and to preserve Ukraine's territorial solidarity. Establishment of a Government has been deferred until Thursday, by the acting President, to give every aspect more thought.
26-02-2014 04:05:40 AM (EST)
An arrest warrant has been issued against the former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych, as is disclosed by the Interior Minister Arsen Avakhov, today at his official page of Facebook. The charge levied upon him is for the impeachment of mass murder against the protestors.
24-02-2014 07:28:05 AM (EST)
President Viktor Yanukovich has been dislodged from the office of Presidency on Sunday, and the Ukrainian parliament elected to give Oleksander Turchinov the role of a President.
23-02-2014 23:27:39 PM (EST)
US President Barack Obama has called a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merker to discuss about the growing unrest in Ukraine, and to take effective measures for restoring peace and harmony.
21-02-2014 07:47:54 AM (EST)
Krasnaya Polyana, the skier from Ukraine has declined to ski Friday in acknowledgement of the deaths of the anti-government protestors in her country.
21-02-2014 07:38:19 AM (EST)
Despite the two truces formed since Sunday, the situation in Ukraine has only aggravated. Both these truces crumbled into a bloodbath in Kiev's Maidan or Independence square. Since the time of the crisis, the latest massacre that took place on Thursday, February 20, has also been the worst. Medical officials informed that over 100 people have lost their lives in the crisis. Moreover, three police personnel have been killed, as per the report of the Interior Ministry. The hotel has been turned into a prognostic center, replete with the bodies covered with the bloodied sheets. John Kerry, the Secretary of US along with the others, has urged to denounce the violence and take concrete measures.
21-02-2014 04:04:18 AM (EST)

Ukraine's human history extends back at least 40,000 years. The region was inhabited by Dacians, Cimmerans, Sarmatians, and the Scythians during the Iron Age, with the latter lasting from around 750 BC to 250 BC. The region was later conquered and incorporated into the territory
of Ancient Greece, Rome, and later the Byzantine Empire. Later migrations to Ukraine were the Goths and the Huns, in the 3rd century AD, Slavs in the 5th century, and the Bulgars in the 7th century. As the Bulgars migrated away, the Khazars grew to become a powerful force in southeastern Europe. However, the Varangians gained power, taking the city of Kiev in 882, and forming the state of Kievan Rus'.

Kievan Rus' grew and gained power under the rule of Vladimir the Great, becoming Christianized and the largest state on the continent by the 11th century. Kiev was invaded several times over the next centuries, including by Turkic tribes and the Mongols, which destroyed the state, and Galicia-Volhynia rose out of part of the territory. The region became controlled by Poland and Lithuania in the 14th century, and when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was formed in 1569, Ukraine became part of Poland.

The peasants of the colony, who were known as Cossacks, began an uprising in 1648, with the Cossack war of independence. The period between 1657 and 1686 was known as The Ruin in Ukraine, with war fought between Russia and Poland, the Turks, and the Cossacks. Ukraine signed a protection treaty with Russia in 1654, and a peace treaty with in 1686 divided the lands among Russia and Poland. The Cossacks again revolted in 1768, along with religious conflicts, and the Russian Empire gained control of the region. A nationalist movement grew among the Ukrainians after the Russian Revolution in 1917, and after famine and civil war, Ukraine later became a member of the Soviet Union in 1922. During World War II, when the Soviet troops occupied Poland, the entire Ukrainian territory was reunited. The Ukrainian SSR was a founding member of the UN in 1945, and in 1991, Ukraine became independent. Since independence, Ukraine has struggled somewhat politically, but the country's economy has continued to grow. Beginning in November of 2013, citizen demonstrations have protested against the government, resulting in the ongoing conflict, violence, and death.

Neighboring Countries
Ukraine shares borders with Belarus, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary

Major Cities
  • Kiev (capital)
  • Lviv
  • Odessa

Ukraine is situated in Eastern Europe, and is the largest country entirely within the European continent. Featuring the coastline along the Black Sea and the Sea Azov in the south, the land is situated primarily in the Great European Plain and Pannonian Plain. In the south are the Crimean Mountains, including the Crimean Peninsula which extends into the waters of the Sea of Azov, and the Carpathian Mountains are in the west, home to the highest peak in the country, at Hoverla, standing 2,061 meters (6,762 feet) above sea level.

Important rivers in Ukraine include the Bug and the Dnister, Dnipro, Desna, Danube, Prypiat, Siverian Donets, and the Sothern Buh. Most of the rivers drain into the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, but a few empty into the Baltic Sea basin.

Points of Interest
Ukraine is home to both natural and man-made attractions worth experiencing. From hiking in the Carpathian Mountains to kayaking down the Dniester River or relaxing on the beaches in Crimea, the outdoor recreation in Ukraine is extensive. Historical sites are found all across the country, including the historic city center of Lviv, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its churches of many styles of architecture, its Lychakivsky Tsvyntar, or historic cemetery, the Market Square, and many museums.

In Kiev, the capital, architectural sites include St. Sophia's Cathedral, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, and the Golden Gate of Kiev. Cultural sites in the city include Khreshchatyk Street in the busy city center, and Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the cave monastery and one of the oldest in Ukraine. The massive Motherland statue is a major monument located in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

The main airport in Ukraine is Boryspil International, located just outside of Kiev, which offers service from most major cities across Europe, as well to many destinations across the large country, like to Odessa. Overnight trains are available from several cities, including Berlin, Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Prague, and several other cities, arriving at either Kiev or Lviv. However, trains traveling from Western Europe into Ukraine have several hours of delay when crossing the border, as trains must be adapted to fit the differing rail gauges. Buses are a quicker option, and are available from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and several other places. Driving is another option from these countries. Boats or ferries are an option for entering Ukraine from Istanbul and a few other locations.

Within Ukraine, trains are a comfortable and inexpensive way to get around, with an extensive but old rail system. Buses can be more expensive and less comfortable ways to travel, but they often have drink carts and entertainment aboard. Roads in Ukraine are varied in quality, but most major roads are well maintained. Cities typically have good, clean, and efficient public transportation systems, including the Metro in Kiev.

New Map of Ukraine; Ukraine with out Crimea New Ukraine Map
Last Updated On : March 20, 2014

The official flag of Ukraine was adopted in 1992. It consists of two horizontal stripes of blue and yellow color.
Lat Long49° 00 N and 32° 00' E
Largest CityKiev
Official LanguageUkrainian
Major Religion97% Christianity, 1.5% Catholics and 1.5% Orthodox
Form of GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
PresidentOleksandr Turchynov
Prime MinisterArseniy Yatsenyuk
CurrencyHryvnia (UAH)
GDP$337.360 billion (2013 estimate)
Calling code380
Time Zone(UTC+2)
Internet .