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Physical Map of Alabama

by Vishul Malik

Alabama is the 30th most extensive state in the US. Covering an area of 52,419 square miles, Alabama shares its borders with the US states of Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. Located to the south is the Gulf of Mexico. The northern part of the state is mountainous while rolling grassland plains comprise the central, west, and southwestern parts of the state. There are five physiographic sections in Alabama. Of these, three are located in the Appalachian Highlands region. These are the Piedmont Upland section, Tennessee Valley and Ridge section, and finally the Cumberland. The other two sections located in the state are the Highland Rim section and the East Gulf Coastal Plain section. The state is also known for its numerous caves, of which Fern Cave is the most important one. Some other prominent caves to be found in Alabama are Kennamer Cave, Anderson Cave, and Tumbling Rock Cave to name a few.


Alabama is largely a forested area that comprises some 65 percent of the state. The state is also home to many mountains and the tallest one is Cheaha Mountain which has a height of 2,407 feet. Some other famous mountains are Lookout Mountain, Keel Mountain, Monte Sano Mountain, and Capshaw Mountain to name a few. Prominent rivers that can be found in the state are the Tennessee River, Mobile River, Alabama River, and Chattahoochee River to name a few.

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