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Falkland Islands

People Of Falkland Islands

The population of Falkland Islands is constituted mainly with descents from the Scottish regions and from the British area. A minor population is affected with Chilean origin while others from the Saint Helena. The local natives are called as Islanders but those who belong from outside are known as Kelpers.

The thriving religion in this area is Christianity with several denominations like Church of England, Roman Catholicism, United Free Church, Evangelist Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, Lutheranism, and Seventh-day Adventism.

The people consider it an offense if they are called as Malvinas. As this name has a connection with the Military invasion by Argentina within this island.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Falkland Islands

The culture of Falkland is influenced from mainly from the British regions. The place derived its family name like Felton, Biggs and Watson from the primitive residents residing in Stanley during the time of 1840. Anywhere outside the boundary region of Stanley is known as Camp. Camp means the scenic countryside within the region. It still upkeeps its cattle rearing tradition. The place is known for its native music where people indulge in dancing and singing during any particular celebration.

Flag Of Falkland Islands

The flag of Falkland Islands was officially accepted in 1948. The flag is designed with a UK flag that is placed in the upper side from the hoist end while the coat of arms is placed near the outer side of the flag, which displays the sheep industry, which is considered as the major industry within the region. The coats of arms also carry the symbolic ship (the Desire). The crew of this ship had actually discovered this island. Last but not the least, the motto that carry the message "Desire The Right" is inscribed below in this coat of arms.

Economy Of Falkland Islands

The economic growth of Falkland Island depends on Sheep farming that brings along strong revenue income within the country. The superior quality wool exported to United Kingdom has played a major role in the country's revenue income. Fishing and Tourism industry has also contributed a share in the development of economy within the country. People visit this destination, which boasts of wildlife conservation, flora and fauna, golfing grounds, battlefields and wreck diving.

Government is making constant effort to find out the large oil reserves in association with Argentina in the country.

The Falkland Islands is known for minting their native coins, issuing stamps for overseas collectors those who are interested in purchasing it.