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Falkland Islands Stanley Map

by Vishal Kumar

Explore the map of Stanley, the Capital of the Falkland Islands to locate hotels, shopping centers, etc.

Falkland Islands Stanley Map

Facts About Stanley

Country United Kingdom
State Falkland Islands (British Overseas Territory)
Founded 1843
Area 56 km
Population 3398
Lat Long Coordinates of Stanley 51.6921° S, 57. 8589° W
Time Zone UTC-04:00
Area Code 500
Language English
Major Religion Christian
Point of interest Falkland Islands Museum, Nigel Haywood, Anglican Christ Church Cathedral, totem pole war memorials, Gypsy Cove, Volunteer Point

About City :

Stanley is the capital of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. Port Louis was the original capital of the islands prior to Port Jackson, which was renamed as Stanley Harbour. Though the city was founded in 1843, Stanley was officially established as the capital of the country in July 1845. It initially specialized at first in ship repairs and later developed into a deep-water port. Stanley also developed as a base for sealing as well as whaling in the South Atlantic area. The city later became an important Royal Navy coaling station. Part of the town was destroyed in the landslides in the years 1879 and the year of 1886.

During the Falklands War in 1982, Argentine troops occupied the area for ten weeks and named it Puerto Argentino, which was considered offensive by most of the islanders. Stanley suffered significant damages in the war, both from the Argentine as well as the British forces. However, the Argentines surrendered to the British without any conflict after the latter gained the upper ground around the Stanley.

Since the Falkland Wars, the industries of tourism and fishing have developed significantly in Stanley. A great number of residential houses have been built in the town, especially at the eastern end of the city center. Currently, around 2,115 English-speaking residents live in this city.

Geography :

Stanley is located on the island of East Falkland. It is situated in one of the wettest parts of the islands, on a north-facing slope. It covers an area of 56 sq. km. The rough, muddy terrain of Stanley gradually gives way to the seashore teeming with hundreds of penguins.

How to Reach (Transport) :

The easiest way to reach Stanley is by taking a flight to the Mount Pleasant International Airport which is located 56 km from the capital town. Visitors can then avail of a taxi or a shuttle bus that will drop them in the town, or take a domestic flight to the smaller airport that is located just outside Stanley. The other way of getting into the capital town is by boarding a cruise ship directly to the port of Stanley.

Once in Stanley, walking is the best option for seeing the local sights as it is a small town. Taxis are also available at a reasonable rate.

When to Visit :

The Falkland Islands experience a temperate climate. Hence the ideal time to visit Stanley is during the summer months of October to March when the days are comparatively longer.

Fairs and Festivals :

  • Camp Sports Week is celebrated in February at the end of the sheep shearing season. This is the time when the traditional life on the islands can be experienced. Families get together amidst music, barbecues, horse racing, and dog trials.
  • June 14 is celebrated as Liberation Day marks the end of the Argentine occupation of the islands. A memorial service held at the Cathedral is followed by a military parade and placing the wreath at the Liberation monument.
  • Christmas and Easter are celebrated by the islanders as the majority of them are Christians.

Besides these, common festivals like Halloween and New Year’s Day are celebrated all over the place with much splendor.

Points of Interest (Places to Visit) :

  • The Falkland Islands Museum, built in 1845, is a storehouse of extensive information about the history of the island, as well as exhibits the flora and fauna of the place.
  • The Christ Church Cathedral is the southernmost cathedral in the world. The famous arch in front of the cathedral is actually made from the jawbones of a couple of blue whales.
  • Located at a distance of 6 km, Gypsy Cove is famous for its Magellanic penguins.

Apart from these notable sights, there is also a golf course and several war memorials like a totem pole.

Accommodation :

Accommodation facilities of various price ranges are available in Stanley. The Malvina House Hotel is an exclusive luxury hotel that offers sauna rooms. Miller’s Guest House offers single, double, and family rooms at a reasonable rate. Kay McCallum’s B&B is one of the least expensive places to stay in that offers clean rooms with travel arrangements.

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