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Flag of Falkland Islands

by Aakash Singha

It is a blue Ensign with the coat-of-arms of the Falkland Islands on the fly and was adopted on 29th September 1948.

Flag of Falkland Islands

Falkland Island Flag Description

The flag of the Falkland Islands is blue with the British Union Jack in the canton. The coat of arms of the nation is positioned on the fly side of the flag. The Union Jack reflects the island’s status as a British Overseas Territory.

The coat of arms of the Falkland Islands is a shield featuring a ram at the top, on a plot of grass. The ram and grass island are placed above ocean waves with a ship. Below the shield is a banner that reads “Desire the Right.” The ram represents the Falkland Islands’ traditional agricultural and economic specialty, sheep farming. The plot of grass represents tussock grass, which is native to the Falkland Islands. The ship represents that of English explorer John Davis, who discovered the islands in 1592. His ship was named Desire, which is referenced in the motto across the banner. The Falkland Islands received its coat of arms on September 29, 1948.

History of the Flag of the Falkland Islands

The current version of the flag of the Falkland Islands was officially adopted on January 25, 1999. However, prior to this, the flag of the Falkland Islands that was adopted on September 29, 1948, had been very similar to the current version. The difference was in the coat of arms, which had been smaller on the 1948 version, and had also been placed over a white disc. There had also been a version with a red background.

National symbol(s): ram
National anthem:
Name: “Song of the Falklands”
Lyrics/Music: Christopher LANHAM

Fact about Falkland Islands flag

Country Falkland Islands
Designed by NA
Adopted January 25, 1999
Revision 1925, 1948, 1999
Design and Colors Blue Ensign with the coat-of-arms of the Falkland Islands in the fly.
Size Ratio 1:2

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