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Latin America Map

Latin America Map
Description : Map showing the countries in Latin America region. Disclaimer

Latin America
The Geographical sub-region of the Americas, the ‘Latin America’ is a region comprising multi diverse nations and their varied cultures. This vast region covers the entire stretch of South America, Caribbean Islands, and Mexico. Twenty sovereign nations and four territories are part of the Latin American region.

This land of magnificent natural wonders, richest ecological region and glorious empires of the past, attracts thousands of visitors to this part of the world every year.

Historically the term Latin has been used to refer to those European people whose culture has Roman influences and those who use Romance languages, mainly Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and French. It was in 19th century that the southern part of America, which was influenced by Latin European culture, came to be known as Latin America. The Latin American region was also home to some of the earlier civilizations and empires such as Aztec, Inca, Tupi, Maya, Caribs, and Toltecs.

Latin America is spread over a total area of 19,197,000 sq. km approx. with a population of about 604 million, as per 2013 population data. The time zones of the entire Latin America range from UTC 2 to UTC 8. Mexico City is the largest city of this region followed by Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. As Latin America covers almost half of the vast territories of the Americas, the region experiences wide variety of climatic conditions ranging from tropical, semi tropical to arid and semi-arid. Latin America is blessed with an abundance of ecological diversity and richness. The world’s greatest ecosystem, the Amazon Rainforest, is located here. In fact, Amazon River Basin, the world’s largest river basin, flows through some of the Latin American nations.

The economy of the Latin American regions varies like its climate. This region has countries like Brazil, Mexico with strong economy, and developing economies like Costa Rica. After the two world wars and US depression, Latin American countries grew at a slow rate in comparison to the leading industrialized countries of the world.

Last Updated : October 28, 2014

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