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US Regions Map

by poonam bisht

The United States can be divided into several geographic regions, which share aspects of common culture and history.

USA Regions Map

United States Divided into Physical Regions

US regional Map

Description : The Map showing the various physical regions of the United States.

The United States, in the geographical sense, is commonly showed as the contiguous US which has 48 states. The states of Alaska and Hawaii are outside of the contiguous United States.

Each region has distinct culture, history, climate, and geographic features, and more.

First map of the contiguous US shows four geographic regions: the East Coast, Midwest, South, and West.

The second map depicts physical regions of the country which are: Atlantic Coastal Plains, Appalachian Mountains, Great Lakes and Great Rivers Basin, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and Plateaus, Great Basin, Sierra Nevada and Cascades Mountains, and the Pacific Coast.

According to US Census Bureau, each of the four census regions is further divided into two or more census divisions. See table below –


Regions of United States

Region 1 (The Northeast)

Division 1 (New England) Division 2 (Middle Atlantic)
Maine New York
New Hampshire Pennsylvania
Vermont New Jersey
Rhode Island

Region 2 (The Midwest)

Division 3 (East North Central) Division 4 (West North Central)
Wisconsin North Dakota
Michigan South Dakota
Illinois Nebraska
Indiana Kansas
Ohio Minnesota

Region 3 (The South)

Division 5 (South Atlantic) Division 6 (East South Central)
Delaware Kentucky
Maryland Tennessee
District of Columbia Mississippi
Virginia Alabama
West Virginia
North Carolina Division 7 (West South Central)
South Carolina Oklahoma
Georgia Texas
Florida Arkansas

Region 4 (The West)

Division 8 (Mountain) Division 9 (Pacific)
Idaho Alaska
Montana Washington
Wyoming Oregon
Nevada California
Utah Hawaii
New Mexico


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