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Description : UK Rivers Map shows the origin and path taken by rivers flowing through the England. Disclaimer


Major Rivers in United Kingdom

RiverLength (km)Length (miles)Drainage area (km²)OutflowCountries in the drainage basinUK countries in the drainage basin
River Severn35422011420Severn EstuaryUKWales, England
River Thames34621512935Thames Estuary, North SeaUKSouthern England
 River Trent29818510435Trent Falls, HumberUKEngland
River Wye2151344136Severn EstuaryUKWales, England
River Tyne3212002933TynemouthUKNorth East England
River Avon137852670River SevernUKMidlands of England
River Tweed156973900North SeaUKScotland, England
River Great Ouse2301433400North SeaUKCentral England
River Tay1881174970Firth of TayUKScotland
River Spey1721073008Moray FirthUKScotland

Locations in the Map
Major Locations : Ullapool, Portree, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edmburgh, Newcastle, Londonderry, Bevast, Isle of Man, Liverpool, Leeds, Kinson Upon Hull, Manchester, Birmingham, Fishguard, Cardiff, Norwich, London, Plymouth, Southampton, Brighton, Bover.

Oceans, Seas, River, Bays & Canals : North Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, English Channel

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