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USA Cellular Coverage

The US cellular coverage maps are equipped with personalized information on voice and data coverage of the various telecom networks in USA. These maps also have necessary information for the users of prepaid connections. The maps also provide information on the licensed cellular markets in USA.
US Cellular Coverage Maps provide customized information on voice and data coverage of individual networks across the USA. These maps also provide relevant information for the prepaid connection users. Data is also available on licensed cellular markets in USA.

US Cellular Plans
The providers of cellular plans in USA offer a wide range of products such as Single Line Plans, Lifeline Calling Plans, Family Plans, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Plans and Prepaid Plans. Besides, the consumers can also avail messaging, internet and overage protection facilities. Data regarding these plans is available at the US cellular coverage maps.

US Overage Protection Plans
The overage protection plans of USA allow consumers to keep track of their expenditures incurred in using wireless services. After the customers sign up for these plans the companies send them text messages. These messages act as alerts and inform the consumers about the remaining limits of their voice plans or text plans. These services are mostly offered for free.

Cellular Messaging Services in USA
Mobile consumers in USA can get access to a wide range of messaging services such as the following:
  • Text messaging
  • e-mail messaging
  • Picture and video messaging
  • Premium messaging
  • Instant messaging
Cellular data and internet services in USA
The customers of the US cellular networks are provided with comprehensive data and internet services. However, these facilities differ according to plans. There are different internet usage plans and benefits like unlimited messaging along with GPS navigation. In certain plans the customers are also given phone replacement amenities.

USA Cellular Coverage Maps

  Top Mobile Services or Cellular Operators in the USA  
Mobile Service/Cellular OperatorVoice TechnologySubscribers (in millions)
Syringa WirelessCDMA0.00135
Thumb CellularCDMA0.037
Plateau WirelessGSM0.079
Appalachian WirelessCDMA0.103
Alaska CommunicationsCDMA0.12
Bluegrass CellularCDMA0.13
GCI WirelessGSM, UMTS,CDMA0.141
Movida WirelessCDMA0.267
Cincinnati Bell WirelessGSM, GAN,UMTS0.43
C Spire WirelessCDMA0.7
AT&T MobilityGSM, UMTS,HSDPA105.2
Verizon WirelessCDMA, UMTS111.3
TracFone WirelessGSM, CDMA21.3
T-Mobile USAGSM, UMTS,GAN33.168
U.S. CellularCDMA5.8
Cricket CommunicationsCDMA5.9
Sprint NextelCDMA, iDEN,UMTS56
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