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Brandenburg Germany Map

Brandenburg was re-created by uniting the former West Germany and East Germany in 1990. The capital is Potsdam; the city surrounds the national capital and the city state - Berlin but does not include it.

Brandenburg Map

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Situated in the northeastern part, Brandenburg is an important state in Germany. The state covers an area of 29,478 square kilometers and comprises a population of 2.45 million people. Potsdam is the capital of the state as well as its largest city. Berlin is completely surrounded by Brandenburg;
however, it does not form a part of the state. The history of the state dates back to many centuries. In the 1600s, Brandenburg was also the core of the Kingdom of Prussia. With the Establishment of East Germany in 1949, Brandenburg became a part of the new country. However, in 1952, East Germany's Socialist Government dissolved the state. With the German re-unification, Brandenburg was re-established on October 3, 1990.

The two important airports in Berlin, Tegel and Schönefeld serve flights to Brandenburg. Car is also a popular option as one can reach many places in Berlin in approximately an hour. The state is also well-connected by train as there are many frequent train services that connect many cities in Brandenburg with Berlin.

Brandenburg is a fabulous tourist destination. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors fly to Brandenburg from around the world to experience the favorable weather, magnificent structures and elegant gardens of the state. Some places in Brandenburg that are worth visiting include the Brandenburg cathedral, Town Hall and the Statue of Roland, State Archeological Museum, The City Walls and Towers, Museum of Industry, and many others attractions.

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  Districts in Brandenburg  
District AbbreviationCapitalPopulation Area(km.²)
Brandenburg an der HavelBHBrandenburg an der Havel71,569229
Dahme-SpreewaldDSLübben (Spreewald)160,1622,261
Elbe-ElsterEEHerzberg (Elster)110,1881,889
Frankfurt (Oder)FAFrankfurt (Oder)59,140148
Potsdam-MittelmarkPMBad Belzig202,8162,575
Spree-NeißeSNForst (Lausitz)122,5231,648

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