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US Army Bases in Germany

by Vishal Kumar

USAREUR has offered extensive support and protection base in the country. There are both US Army camps and Army fields in Germany.

US Army Bases in Germany are established in different parts of the country for more than fifty years. The US Army Bases in Germany< comprise mainly the Air Force Units and Army Force Units. The US Army first arrived in Germany in the year 1945. The major command in Germany is the TASCOMEUR.

There are both US Army camps and Army fields in Germany. Some of the locations of the army camps and the US Army Bases in Germany are as follows:

  • Armstrong Army Heliport, Buedingen, Hessen, Germany
  • Coleman Army Airfield, Mannheim, Germany
  • Conn Barracks, Germany
  • Hanau Army Airfield, Hessen, Germany
  • Stuttgart Army Airfield, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
  • Leighton Barracks, US Army

The Air Force Bases in Germany can be found in the flowing places:

  • Messel Small Arms Range, Darmstadt, US Army
  • Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau, US Army
  • Bitburg Air Base, Bitburg, Germany
  • Hahn Air Base
  • Ramstein Air Base
  • Rhein-Main Air Base, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

There was also a US Army base in Germany known as the Rhein-Main Air Base. This army base was closed in the month of December 2005. This airbase is a small air base, which was given the name as there was the convergence of the two German rivers of Maine and Rhine.

Germany is a land of charming differences. The country is perhaps the greatest abroad project possible. The United States Army, Europe (USAREUR) offers an extensive support base in the country.

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