Jilin Weather

Jilin is an important agricultural province of the People's Republic of China and is located in the north eastern part of the country. The weather in Jilin is that of temperate continental monsoon type. It is the climatic transitional zone between the southern and northern parts of north-east China.
The weather in Jilin is characterized with cold and long winters and warm, short summers. Longer hours of sunshine, high temperatures and much rain are centralized during the months of June, July, August and September. During the summers temperatures soar up to 65ºC-75ºC. During the summers, strong breezes blow and bring rains with them. In Jilin, the weather during the winters is very extreme in nature. The temperatures fall down below -20ºC in January. In the months of July and August, temperatures range between 16ºC to 24ºC. The difference in temperatures between day and night often vary depending on the amount of rainfall and breeze. Since, Jilin mostly has an unpredictable weather it is very hard to always predict forthcoming showers in certain regions of Jilin.

Jilin is well-known for its skiing sports during winters and tourists from all over the world come and enjoy the thrill of skiing. Sometimes winters start as soon as October and lasts till April. Jilin is an area which is known for winter sports and it has produced some of the best ski resorts in China. The 6 th Asian Winter Games were held from 28 th January-4 th February, 2007, in Jilin. These games were mostly snow-based as the region of Jilin is covered in thick layers of snow during the months of January and February. During winter the trees along both banks of the Songhua River turn into a silvery world as the tree branches become covered with snow crystals.

The average annual precipitation in Jilin is about 450-910mm. The amount of precipitation gradually decreases from the southeast to the northwest. On an average about 20 days in a year are covered in snow. Jilin has an ever-changing weather. The temperature fluctuations enable parasitic fungi to spread rapidly through the trees. At times even droughts occur in different parts of Jilin. The springs and autumns in Jilin are very windy.

The Jilin Meteorological Observatory makes predictions for the weather conditions of Jilin.

Last Updated on: October 10th, 2017