Sichuan gourmets

Sichuan Gourmet , a world renowned Sichuan Restaurant is devoted to epitomize the amazing diversity of Sichuan Cuisine, the integral part of Sichuan enriched tradition. Situated in the southwestern part of China, the province of Sichuan has achieved worldwide repute for its exclusive culinary art. Sichuan Cuisine or Szechuan Cuisine was initiated ages ago and has incorporated several remarkable features of cuisines from other Asian countries like Pakistan.

Sichuan Gourmet caters the Sichuan cuisine which is the inseparable component of Sichuan as well as Chinese ethnic cultural heritage. The variety of profuse vegetables and fresh country piquant spices and herbs inspire the Chef to devote full concentration to the delicacies with pungent flavor. The usual procedure of Sichuan Gourmet food preparation incorporates some specific measures as:

  • Swift Stirring
  • Sautéing
  • Steaming
  • Swift Preparation
  • Very Swift Frying

These swift methods make the food stuffs stay very soft, refreshing and zesty as well. Fish, Kidney, Liver and Beef are very usual component of the Sichuan delicacies. The steamed or light fried flesh of Beef, liver and kidney are often served up with dense spicy seasoned gravy to make the dish more toothsome.

The Sichuan Gourmet is designed to signify the specific elegance of Sichuan restaurant. The Sichuan Gourmet own two branches in United States of America to represent the unique sizzling taste and flavor of Sichuan cuisine across the world. This representative of Sichuan Cuisine has categorized their delicious dishes into several phases as Gourmet's 'Original Creation', Gourmet's 'Lunch Special' Gourmet's 'House's Special' and Gourmet's 'Authentic Cuisine'. This 'Authentic Cuisine' incorporates several Sichuan items as Seafood, Fish, Soups, Beef, Vegetable, Chicken, Noodle, Pork and Chow mien.

Sichuan Gourmet's 'original creation' menu includes : 
  • Beef W. Hot Green Pepper
  • Ma Po Tofu w. Minced Pork
  • Beef w. Spicy Chili Sauce
  • Meat Ball Sichuan Style

The Gourmet 'House's special' contains : 
  • Sauteed Seasonal Green Vegetable
  • Chengdu Spicy sausage
  • Old Spicy Chinese Wood Ears
  • Sauteed Smoky Flavored Bacon
  • Tea Smokey Flavored Duck
  • Chengdu Hot Pot style beef

Gourmet's Lunch Special is graced with : 
  • Sichuan style string Beans
  • Smoky Hot Chicken with Cayenne
  • Chicken and Aparagus with Chengdu Special Sauce

The outstanding culinary art of Sichuan thus is spreading out its flavor crossing the barrier of continent with the sincere endeavor taken by Sichuan Gourmet .

Last Updated on: October 11th, 2017