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What are the Top Manufacturing Hubs in China?

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Map of China depicts top manufacturing cities

The most populous country in the world, China is also known as the ‘World’s Factory’. It is one of the top manufacturing giants in the world. Just two decades ago, the country didn’t even contribute to 3% of global manufacturing output, but today China is the fastest growing economy. Low-cost manufacturing is one of the propelling reasons why China is now crowned as the fastest-growing economy in the world. Here we bring you the names of major manufacturing hubs of China.

The biggest city and major financial hub in China, is Shanghai; home to many business industries like electronics, chemicals, automobiles, textiles and steel. Majorly contributing to growth and the economy of the nation, some of the largest steelmakers have their headquarters in this attractive city. Big automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen and General Motors have their plants located here as well.

Located near Shanghai, Ningbo is a sub-provincial city in China, which has been growing rapidly in terms of chemical, electrical and telecom manufacturing. The city attracts many foreign investors, and some of the leading enterprises prevailing in the city are: Ningbo Bird, Donly Group and Ningbo Marine. Another city gearing up its manufacturing in fine chemicals, automobiles, machinery, and electronics is the city of Qingdao.

Contributes intensely to the manufacturing industry is Shenzhen, a prominent city in Guangdong Province. It is also famous for being the ‘electronic manufacturing hub’ of China, as well as the world. Many brands like ZTE, Huawei and Apple have their manufacturing here.

Known for its tourism, Hong Kong is also a major manufacturing and financial hub of the country. It is famous for its light-labor industries and has marked its prominence in manufacturing since the beginning of the 19th century.

Moving to Southern China, Guangzhou, aka, ‘Canton City’ hosts the largest International trade fair each year. Honda, Toyota, Panasonic, Sony and many other big brands have their headquarters here.

Hangzhou, the exhibition city in East China, is emerging as a competitive manufacturing hub of the country. It hosts World Leisure Expo every year and is home to the e-commerce giant Alibaba. Many textile industries are well-established here.

Tianjin, a city in Northern China is one of the booming and biggest industrial cities, where mechanical and textile industries are flourishing. It is emerging out to be a leader in aerospace & aviation, and alternative energy products.

When considering the domestic market in China, the city of Wuhan plays a large role. Also called the retail capital, many domestic products are produced here.

The economy of the country is also immensely boosted by the manufacturing industries in the city of Suzhou. It is among the largest hub in the country for Iron and Steel, IT and electronic equipment.

Here is a table regarding Growth Rate of Industrial Value Added as of June, 2018.

Indicators Year-on-year Growth Rate(%)
Current Month Cumulative
Growth Rate of Industrial Value Added 6.0 6.7
    Of which: Mining and Quarrying 2.7 1.6
     Manufacturing 6.0 6.9
     Production and Distribution of Electricity, Gas and Water 9.2 10.5
    Of which: State-owned & State-holding Enterprises 6.1 7.6
    Of which: Private Enterprises 5.1 6.0
    Of which: Collective-owned Enterprises -1.9 -1.9
    Cooperative Enterprises -6.0 -0.1
    Joint-stock Enterprises 6.1 6.7
     Enterprises with Funds from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 5.4 6.2
Note:Data in this table are computed in comparable prices.

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