Shenyang Liaoning

Cities in Liaoning offer various sites for exploration and hence there is no shortage of

Capital of the province of Liaoning , the city of Shenyang , lies at a distance of some 500 miles from Beijing.

Shenyang's older name was Mukden which had been named by the Tartars who were once rulers in the area. With a history that dates back to over 3000 years, the place gained significance again when the Qing dynasty used it as its secondary capital in 1644 and it retained that stature for the succeeding 350 years. Shenyang was recovered from Japan as a gift in 1944 when the city was renamed by the Chinese government with its present name of Shenyang.

The city of Shenyang experiences mostly dry weather year round but summers can produce some rainfall with the onslaught of monsoons near at hand. However it can become quite difficult to gage the general weather of the place as temperatures can reach freezing point in winters while summers can be quite humid.

Shenyang has in the present day developed to become a financial center in China, owing mostly to its rich deposits of minerals like iron ore, coal and some nonferrous ores. Most of Liaoning's economy depends upon its capital city of Shenyang. The city houses some of the major business companies of China. Not just for its commercial success but the city has gained international reputation from being a major storehouse of Chinese history and culture and as such it has gained great significance as a tourist destination.

In fact, the museums in the city, especially the Imperial Palace in Shenyang draws millions of tourists each year, who come here eagerly seeking knowledge on Chinese history and culture. This museum has become a prestigious storehouse of artifacts from the Qing dynasty who once ruled from this palace. Patterned on the architecture of the Forbidden City of Beijing, this structure too is built on the art of the Man and Han dynasties. Beside the Imperial Palace of special attraction is the Bei Ling Northern Imperial Tomb dating back to 1643 A.D. Enclosing a huge area of 1113 acres it is also the burial place of Emperor Shunzhi's parents of the Qing dynasty. The grounds of the place also is the last abode of the first Emperor of the Qing dynasty. The exotic flora and fauna of the place, some of which date back to ancient times, make the place all the more attractive to visitors. The excellent accommodations available in Shenyang coupled with its ultra-modern facilities for entertainment has turned it into an ideal place for visitors.

Shenyang gained worldwide significance in recent times when it hosted the 2006 International

Horticultural Exposition and the wonderful hospitality of the place has helped it become the venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and therefore has managed to gain the attention of the entire world today.