Jiuzhaigou Valley

The Jiuzhaigou Valley in the province of Sichuan is popularly proclaimed as the paradigm of never-never land in this planet. Endowed with unique immaculate natural marvels and picturesque landscapes this terrain of Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan includes an ambience of "fantasy world". This "holy" mountain and Jiuzhaigou Valley is situated in the country of Nanping and is about 270 miles north from the Chengdu City.

The profuse natural possessions of Jiuzhaigou Valley involves gushing fountains, lush wild forests, snowcapped mountains and Blue Lake. The wonderful scenic views of Shuzheng Valley, Zharu valley, Rize Valley, Calc-Sinter lakes and Zechawa Valley capture the traveler's memory for ever.

Zechawa Valley : This is regarded as greatest and toughest itinerary in Jiuzhaigou. This valley is famous for Baojing Cliff or Magic Mirror Cliff, which is known as ‘Devil Cliff' for its mythological implication. The Zechawa Valley is encompassed by Upper Seasonal Lake and Lower Seasonal Lake. These blue water and multi cloloured water lakes are surrounded with verdant birch and oak groves.

Shuzheng Valley : This Valley is known as the most fascinating visitors' itinerary in Jiuzhaigou Valley. The entire area of this valley is graced with more than Thirty five lakes. The most admired places of interest in the Valley of Shuzheng are:

  • Reed Lake
  • Double Dragon Lake
  • Spark Lake
  • Bonsai Beach
  • Tiger Lake
  • Rhinoceros Lake
  • Shuzheng Waterfall
  • Nuoroliang Waterfall
  • Shuzheng Village

The other spectacular must visit places of Jiuzhaigou Valley are, Five Flower Lake or Wuhua Lake, Peacock River, Five-Colored Pond, Virgin Forest and Panda Lake or Xiongmao Lake and Long lake or Chang Lake.Those scattered lakes in Jiuzhaigou are enriched with "calcium carbonate" fused water and for that reason the lake bottom and mounds are mostly wrapped up with crystallizations. The pure water of these lakes is so transparent, that the bottomland of each and every lake is observable in spite of its depth.

For its outstanding natural wonders Jiuzhaigou Valley is included in 'world natural heritage' listing by UNESCO. Other than the vast panorama of greeneries and water lakes, this Valley of Jiuzhaigou is bestowed with nine "Tibetan Villages". These Villages offer diversity of Tibetan folk traditions and customs to explore.

Last Updated on: October 11th, 2017