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Indonesia Tsunami

2011 tsunami warning
After the massive Japanese earthquake of March 2o11, tsunami warnings were issued to more than 50 countries, including Indonesia. Thankfully, the tsunami was not as strong elsewhere and didn't cause any significant damage.

While talking about Indonesia tsunami one date comes to mind which is 26th December, 2004. The Indonesian tsunami of 2004 was responsible of incredible amount of loss of life and property damage. Though many countries in the Indian Ocean like India, Thailand and Sri Lanka were affected the consequence of tsunami on Indonesia was incredibly high. As this country consists of number of islands the casualties were more. The reason behind this might be because the epicenter of the earthquake was on west coast of Sumatra. This earthquake and the tsunami which followed are also known as Sumatra - Andaman earthquake.

The main area of Indonesia which was affected by tsunami is Aceh. According to the statistics the death toll due to the tsunami was about 130,406 people and missing were 36,836 only in Indonesia. The number of people who had to be displaced due to this calamity is 504,518. The total economic damage of the tsunami of 2004 in Indonesia was about five billion US dollars.

The tsunami was caused due to shifting of two tectonic plates under the sea namely Burma plate and India plate under the sea. Prior warning of the tsunami could not be issued which had resulted in much more damage. The only silver lining of this event was that the oil and gas sector was not damaged severely which is the main base of Indonesian economy. Assistance and help from all over the world both physical and financial was obtained by Indonesia. Still now Indonesia is recovering from the damages caused more than two years ago.

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