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Multiple Shootings in Canada’s Capital

A gunman shot a Canadian soldier guarding Canada's Parliament war memorial and left him wounded. Authorities are working to secure the government building in Ottawa. As per official data it is clear that the incident is not confined to just one building. There is a possibility of three shooters because shots were fired at three different locations in the city including Ottawa's Rideau Centre, the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill . Immediately after the shooting the parliament building of ....

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16 dead in vent grate collapse at concert in South Korea

Hurricane Gonzalo Path Map


Hurricane Gonzalo threatens Bermuda

Media reports have stated that Hurricane Gonzalo is continuing on a path towards Bermuda. The storm is heading towards Bermuda with winds of 145 mph.

Reports have quoted the Bermuda Weather Service as saying that the eye of the storm is expected to pass within 29 miles of the island as a Category 3 storm. This is close enough to be considered a direct hit. Hurricane Gonzalo is considered to be one of the strongest on record to ....

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Super Typhoon Vongfong Path Map



Latest updates on Typhoon Vongfong:

Oct 13, 2014 -  I Super-Typhoon Vongfong strikes southern Japan, approaches Main Island

Massive typhoon Vongfong hit Kyushu, the southern island in Japan in the early hours of Monday, October 13, and is expected to move gradually towards Honshu, the main island, media reports say. While hundreds of flights have been cancelled due to fear of danger, around 450,000 people on Shikoku and Kyushu Islands, including Okinawa were made to evacuate their dwelling.

The typhoon thrashed the Okinawa ....

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Bus crash in Haiti

Bus crash in Southwest Haiti: 23 killed, 17 injured

A bus crash on Saturday, October 11, in southwest Haiti killed 23 people and wounded 17, as per media reports. The mishap happened near the Roseau coastal town, east of Jeremie. Ronald Etienne, the city mayor of Jeremie, informed media that the cause behind the accident is still unclear. WBASH111014

Landslide in China

Landslide in Northwestern China kills at least 19 road workers Northwest China landslide, which occurred on Friday, October 10, consigned to grave a dormitory for highway construction workers, killing more than 19 and wounding two others, media reports say.

The landslide happening at around 9:00 pm crushed eight interim boarding houses of Ganquan county, which is a part of Yan'an city in the province of Shaanxi, rescue officials said. Nine died at the site and the ten wounded died in the ....

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Yemen Explosion: 45 Killed at Houthi protest in Yemen

Suicide bomber targets Houthi protest in Yemen, 45 killed         

 At least 45 people were killed and several injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up during an anti-government protest by the Houthi community in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital. The dead included eight children.

The bombing took place in the city’s Tahrir Square.

The Houthis, a Shia minority group, have been carrying out protests for several weeks. The majority community in Yemen are Sunni Muslims. 

No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack, ....

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Map of Areas Affected by Typhoon Phanfone

Typhoon Phanfone hits Japan: One US Airman dead and two others missingOct 6, 2014 -One US airman is found dead and two other officials are missing as a strong typhoon lashed Okinawa, Japan on Sunday, October 5 stirring high waves and washing them away to sea, reports say. The incident occurred at 3:45 pm on Sunday when the six servicemen were clicking photographs of the high tides at the air base of Kadena, northwestern coast of the island. ....

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Protests in Hong Kong

 Hong Kong protesters agree to formal talksHong Kong, Oct 7 (IANS) Representatives of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters Tuesday agreed to hold official talks with the government.(Source:IANS)

Hong Kong unrest continues; no dialogue in sight

Oct 5 , 2014 - Clashes in Hong Kong between pro-democracy activists and counter-protesters continued Saturday, while one of the groups leading the week-long demonstrations demanded explanations from the local government as a pre-condition for returning to the negotiating table.

Criticism of the pro-Beijing government of this semi-autonomous Chinese ....

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Suicide Bomb Attack in Lybia Left 40 Soldiers Dead – Oct 2, 2014

Suicide Explosions in Libya leave at least 40 soldiers dead

A series of suicide blasts in Libya occurred on Thursday, October 2, due to the confrontation between the supporters and dissenters of former General Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi port city. More than 40 soldiers loyal to the general have lost their lives and scores of others have received severe wounds, according to media reports.The Benghazi insurgents from the Shura Council said that it launched the attack in ....

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