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Protests in Burkina Faso against President


President Compaore resigns

Nov 1, 2014 - After facing protests Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore has decided to step down from the post, media reports stated. The country’s army chief Gen Honore Traore has stated that he would assume the responsibilities of head of state. However, it is still not clear whether he has the backing of the military. Compaore had faced protests after he made an attempt to extend his 27-year rule. Protestors, who were angry with the President’s decision, ....

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Nilofar Cyclone Preparedness Checklist

 Nilofar Cyclone and Storm Surge preparation ChecklistActions Pre-CyclonePrune large bushes and extended tree branches.One should evacuate to closest high ground, in case of flash flood/windstorm.For local urgent facilities, one should always keep a list of emergency phone numbers.Identify a secure place within your residence or home.Prepare a kit for a situation of crisis to include: First Aid Kit; Mobile (completely charged) with universal mobile charger; Fresh Drinking Water (Bottled or in a Container); Canned/Dried Non Perishable Food Items; Battery Powered ....Read More →

300 Missing in Sri Lanka Landslide

October 29, 2014, 11:06 AM GMT- An emergency search operation has been launched to locate 300 people missing in a landslide in Sri Lanka, media reports stated. Around ten people have been killed in the landslide. An official with Sri Lanka's Disaster Management Center has said around 140 homes have been damaged in the landslide that hit the south-central Badulla district. The army, air force, and police personnel are searching for survivors.


Nilofar to Weaken and Hit Gujarat Coast as a Marginal Cyclonic Storm

Location Map of Cyclone Nilofar


Cyclone Nilofar Path Map as on Oct 29, 2014


Cyclone Nilofar News and Live Updates:

Cyclone Nilofar slows down6:00 AM GMT, Oct 31, 2014 -  Cyclone Nilofar, heading towards India and Pakistan, has weakened and is unlikely to cause any major damage. The cyclone, which with wind speeds of 40-50 kmph, gusting to 60 kmph, is expected to make a landfall Friday evening. It was earlier predicted that the cyclone would pack winds with speeds of 100-110 kmph at ....

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Lava erupting from Kilauea Volcano, Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii volcano: lava slows downThe lava has slowed down but the threat imposed by it to east Hawaii residents is still there, state authorities said. Media reports quoted director of the Hawaii County Civil Defense Darryl Oliveira as saying that there has been no forward movement. The lava had begun moving toward the area of Pahoa in June and has been moving along ever since. Efforts are being made to protect people and property in the area. 80 Hawaii National ....

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Pro-Western parties set for victory in Ukraine elections

Exit polls have indicated that pro-Western parties were expected to sweep parliamentary elections in Ukraine, media reports stated. According to the exit polls, President Petro Poroshenko’s party won the majority of votes. However, he fell short of a majority. This indicates that he would have to form a coalition government with other pro-European parties. According to exit polls, Poroshenko’s party appeared to win 23.1% of the vote. The party of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk garnered 21.2% of votes.WBPB271014

Multiple Shootings in Canada’s Capital

A gunman shot a Canadian soldier guarding Canada's Parliament war memorial and left him wounded. Authorities are working to secure the government building in Ottawa. As per official data it is clear that the incident is not confined to just one building. There is a possibility of three shooters because shots were fired at three different locations in the city including Ottawa's Rideau Centre, the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill . Immediately after the shooting the parliament building of ....

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16 dead in vent grate collapse at concert in South Korea

Hurricane Gonzalo Path Map


Hurricane Gonzalo threatens Bermuda

Media reports have stated that Hurricane Gonzalo is continuing on a path towards Bermuda. The storm is heading towards Bermuda with winds of 145 mph.

Reports have quoted the Bermuda Weather Service as saying that the eye of the storm is expected to pass within 29 miles of the island as a Category 3 storm. This is close enough to be considered a direct hit. Hurricane Gonzalo is considered to be one of the strongest on record to ....

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Super Typhoon Vongfong Path Map



Latest updates on Typhoon Vongfong:

Oct 13, 2014 -  I Super-Typhoon Vongfong strikes southern Japan, approaches Main Island

Massive typhoon Vongfong hit Kyushu, the southern island in Japan in the early hours of Monday, October 13, and is expected to move gradually towards Honshu, the main island, media reports say. While hundreds of flights have been cancelled due to fear of danger, around 450,000 people on Shikoku and Kyushu Islands, including Okinawa were made to evacuate their dwelling.

The typhoon thrashed the Okinawa ....

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