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Nigeria’s Maiduguri City hit by Deadly Blasts, Kills 30 People

32 killed in floods in Morocco

Around 32 people have died in heavy rains and floods that lashed various regions of Morocco, as per media reports. Six people are missing in the floods being experienced in the country over the last two days. According to the interior ministry, around 24 deaths have occurred in Guelmim, which is located near to the Algerian border. Reports say that 214 people swept away in the floods have been evacuated. WBPB25114

A Suicide bomber has killed 45 in Afghanistan

45 killed in suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan

A suicide bomb attack at a volleyball ground in Paktika province of Afghanistan killed at least 45 people and injured 60 others. According to reports, the suicide bomber denoted the explosives when a crowd of people were watching a regional volleyball match in Yahyakhail district. Officials said that the injured and the dead have been shifted to the government and military hospitals. WBPB241114

14 killed in suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan

A suicide bomb attack ....

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Armed militants killed 29 passengers in Kenya

29 killed in Kenya bus attack

November 24, 2014 - Kenyan security forces kill 100 militants A day after a lethal attack on a bus, the security forces of Kenya killed more than 100 militants, media reports stated. According to the Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto, the security forces of Kenya entered Somalia where it launched two operations on the militant camps. On Saturday, the militants had attacked a bus in Kenya. People who were not able to recite Quran ....

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Latest on Boko Haram

Boko Haram kills 45 villagers in Nigeria

November 21, 2014 4:26 AM - Suspected Boko Haram militants attacked a village in Nigeria’s Borno state. According to media reports, around 45 people have been killed in the attack. Local sources said that the village of Azaya Kura was attacked by militants who came in trucks. The militants plundered the village and carried away livestock and foodstuff.

Protests in Mexico City for missing students

Clashes erupt in Mexico City over missing students

Mexico City’s riot police had to resort to force to remove protestors from the city’s main square after clashes erupted over the case of dozens of missing students, media reports stated. Police had to use fire extinguishers to disperse the crowd. According to reports, the protestors hurled Molotov cocktails at the police. A policeman was injured in the incident. The protestors are demanding a full investigation into the disappearance of the students.

Explosion in an oil platform at coast of New Orleans, LA


One dead, three injured in oil platform explosion off the coast of New Orleans

One person was killed and three injured when an oil platform exploded off the coast of New Orleans. According to media reports, the platform, which is operated by Fieldwood Energy, was not in production when the accident occurred. The injured people are being treated at an offshore medical facility. According to officials, the facility has not been damaged and no pollution has resulted from the explosion. WBPB211114

Gunshots at Florida State University’s Campus

Two shot at Florida University

Two people were shot at Florida State University, media reports stated. The injured persons have been brought to the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare for treatment. According to reports, there is currently no information about the condition of the patients. Three freshman, who were at the DeGraff Hall dormitory at the time of the incident, said that the shots came from Strozier Library.

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Terror attack at synagogue in Jerusalem, Israel

Nigeria School Blast Kills 47 Students in Potiskum


Nigeria Bomb Blast Updates:

47 Killed In Bombing Outside School in Nigeria

Around 47 people were killed by a suicide bombing outside a school in northern Nigeria, media reports stated. At least 70 people were injured in the attack which occurred in a government boarding school in the town of Potiskum. According to sources the suicide bomber was disguised as a student. The explosion took place in the morning outside the principal's office, where students had gathered for a daily speech. Boko ....

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