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United States Mountain Ranges Map

The map shows the various mountain ranges like Absaroka Range in Montana and Wyoming, San Juan Mountains in Colorado, Boston Mountains in Arkansas and many more in USA.
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Description : This map shows various mountain ranges and their location in USA. Disclaimer

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The United States has a varied landscape with many mountain ranges and other geographical features. Major mountain ranges in the United States are the Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Alaska Range, the Cascades, and the Sierra Nevadas. These ranges are further divided into smaller subranges and ridges.

At 6,194 meters (20,320 feet) above sea level, Mount McKinley in Alaska is the tallest mountain peak in the US.

Mount Logan is the second tallest, at 5,959 meters (19,545 feet), followed by Mount Orizaba, Mount St. Elias, and Mount Popocatepetl.

The tallest mountain peak in the contiguous United States is Mount Whitney which stands at 4421 meters (14,505 feet).

Here are the major mountain ranges in the US –

  • Rocky Mountains : The Rockies are a major mountain range in North America, running 3,000 miles from western Canada to the state of New Mexico. The Rockies include several subranges, including the Wasatch, Bitterroots, Big Horn, and Front Ranges. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming are considered Mountain States in the country.

  • Appalachian Mountains : The Appalachian Mountain Range straddle the eastern United States, stretching from Alabama, northeast across New England, and extending further up to Canada. The range is about 1,500 miles long, and traverses the US states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. The Appalachian Range also usually includes the Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, and Allegheny Mountains.

  • Cascades : The Cascade Range along the West Coast of the United States extend from Canada into the US states of Washington, Oregon, and California. These mountains were formed as part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and feature volcanoes such as Mount St. Helens and Lassen.

  • Sierra Nevada : The Sierra Nevada mountains, located in the western states of California and Nevada, are about 400 miles long. The name Sierra Nevada is Spanish for "snowy mountains," referring to the snow-capped summits. Many of the mountains are formed of granite and shaped by glaciers.

    Mountain Ranges in the US
      Churchhill PeaksAKMount McKinley A-3195420,320
        North PeakAKMount McKinley A-3195419,470
        South PeakAKMount McKinley A-3195420,320
    Mount St. EliasAKMount St. Elias B-8198518,008
    Mount ForakerAKTalkeetna D-3195817,400
    Mount BonaAKMcCarthy B-2195916,500
    Mount BlackburnAKMcCarthy C-7195916,390
    Mount SanfordAKGulkana A-1195916,237
    Mount VancouverAKMount St. Elias A-2198515,979
    South ButtressAKMount McKinley A-2195415,885
    Mount ChurchillAKMcCarthy B-2195915,638
    Mount FairweatherAKMount Fairweather D-5196115,300
    Mount HubbardAKMount St. Elias B-3198514,950
    Mount BearAKMcCarthy B-1195914,831
    East ButtressAKMount McKinley A-2195414,730
    Mount HunterAKTalkeetna D-3195814,573
    Browne TowerAKMount McKinley A-2195414,530
    Mount AlverstoneAKMount St. Elias B-3198514,500
    Mount WhitneyCAMount Whitney1985114,494
    University PeakAKMcCarthy B-3195914,470
    Mount ElbertCOMount Elbert1967114,433
    Mount MassiveCOMount Massive196714,421
    Mount HarvardCOMount Harvard198214,420
    Mount RainierWAMount Rainier West197114,410
    Mount WilliamsonCAMount Williamson198414,370
    La Plata PeakCOMount Elbert196714,361
    Blanca PeakCOBlanca Peak196714,345
    Uncompahgre PeakCOUncompahgre Peak196314,309
    Crestone PeakCOCrestone Peak196714,294
    Mount LincolnCOAlma197014,286
    Grays PeakCOGrays Peak195814,270
    Mount AnteroCOMount Antero198314,269
    Torreys PeakCOGrays Peak195814,267
    Castle PeakCOHayden Peak196014,265
    Quandary PeakCOBreckenridge197014,265
    Mount EvansCOMount Evans195714,264
    Longs PeakCOLongs Peak196114,255
    Mount WilsonCOMount Wilson195314,246
    White Mount PeakCAWhite Mount Peak (15')196214,246
    North PalisadeCANorth Palisade198214,242
    Mount CameronCOAlma197014,238
    Mount ShavanoCOMaysville198314,229
    Mount BelfordCOMount Harvard198214,197
    Mount PrincetonCOMount Antero198214,197
    Crestone NeedleCOCrestone Peak196714,197
    Mount YaleCOMount Harvard198214,196
    Mount BrossCOAlma197014,172
    Kit Carson MountainCOCrestone Peak196714,165
    Mount WrangellAKGulkana A-1195914,163
    Mount ShastaCAShasta198614,162
    El Diente PeakCODolores Peak195314,159
    Point SuccessWAMount Rainier West197114,158
    Maroon PeakCOMaroon Bells196014,156
    Tabeguache PeakCOSt. Elmo198214,155
    Mount OxfordCOMount Harvard198214,153
    Mount SillCANorth Palisade198214,153
    Mount SneffelsCOMount Sneffels196714,150
    Mount DemocratCOClimax197014,148
    Capitol PeakCOCapitol Peak196014,130
    Liberty CapWAMount Rainier West197114,112
    Pikes PeakCOPikes Peak195114,110
    Snowmass MountainCOSnowmass Mountain196014,092
    Mount RussellCAMount Whitney198514,088
    Mount EolusCOMount Whitney198514,083
    Windom PeakCOColumbine Pass197314,082
    Mount ColumbiaCOMount Harvard198214,073
    Mount AugustaAKMount St. Elias198514,070
    Missouri MountainCOWinfield198214,067
    Humboldt PeakCOCrestone Peak196714,064
    Mount BierstadtCOMount Evans195714,060
    Sunlight PeakCOStorm King Peak196414,059
    Split MountainCASplit Mountain198414,058
    Handies PeakCOHandies Peak195514,048
    Culebra PeakCOCulebra Peak195514,047
    Mount LindseyCOBlanca Peak196714,042
    Ellingwood PointCOBlanca Peak196714,042
    Little Bear PeakCOBlanca Peak196714,037
    Mount ShermanCOMount Sherman196114,036
    Redcloud PeakCORedcloud Peak196414,034
    Mount LangleyCAMount Langley198214,026
    Conundrum PeakCOHayden Peak196014,022
    Mount TyndallCAMount Williamson198414,019
    Pyramid PeakCOMaroon Bells196014,018
    Wilson PeakCOMount Wilson195314,017
    Wetterhorn PeakCOWetterhorn Peak196314,015
    North Maroon PeakCOMaroon Bells196014,014
    San Luis PeakCOSan Luis Peak198614,014
    Mount MuirCAMount Whitney198514,012
    Middle PalisadeCASplit Mountain198414,012
    Mount of the Holy CrossCOMount of the Holy Cross197014,005
    Huron PeakCOWinfield198214,003
    Thunderbolt PeakCANorth Palisade198214,003
    Sunshine PeakCORedcloud Peak196414,001

    Source:  National Geodetic Survey


    Last Update Date: September 12, 2016

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