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USA Most Populated Cities Map

by poonam bisht

The United States of America is the third most populous country (4.47% of world population) of the world with a population of 313,662,000. The largest cities in the US are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia.

USA Most Populated Cities Map

This map of America shows the 35 most populated cities in the country. As shown on the map, major cities of the United States are concentrated in coastal region, the Northeast, and the Southwest.

Known as the “Big Apple,” the city of New York is home to more than 8.4 million people which is twice as more than the second largest city, Los Angeles. With over 2.7 million residents, Chicago is the largest city in the Midwestern US. A sprawling metropolis in Texas, Houston offers a blend of global appeal and Southern charm.

From Wall Street in NYC to Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, these urban areas are important financial capitals, tourist destinations, and cultural centers in the US. While Chicago is known for its up-and-coming Broadway scene, the arts district in Houston is among the largest is the US.

Take a look at the table below to know more about the largest cities in the US.

List of Most Populated Cities in US

State(s) Major Cities Population 2010 Population 2016 (est.)
New York (NY) New York City 8,175,133 8,537,673
California(CA) Los Angeles 3,792,621 3,976,322
Illinois(IL) Chicago 2,695,598 2,704,958
Texas(TX) Houston 2,099,451 2,303,482
Pennsylvania(PA) Philadelphia 1,526,006 1,567,872
Arizona(AZ) Phoenix 1,445,632 1,615,017
Texas(TX) San Antonio 1,327,407 1,492,510
California(CA) San Diego 1,307,402 1,406,630
Texas(TX) Dallas 1,197,816 1,317,929
California(CA) San Jose 945,942 1,025,350
Florida(FL) Jacksonville 821,784 880,619
Indiana(IN) Indianapolis 820,445 855,164
California(CA) San Francisco 805,235 870,887
Texas(TX) Austin 790,390 947,890
Ohio(OH) Columbus 787,033 860,090
Texas(TX) Fort Worth 741,206 854,113
North Carolina(NC) Charlotte 731,424 842,051
Michigan(MI) Detroit 713,777 672,795
Texas(TX) El Paso 649,121 683,080
Tennessee(TN) Memphis 646,889 652,717
Maryland(MD) Baltimore 620,961 614,664
Massachusetts(MA) Boston 617,594 673,184
Washington(WA) Seattle 608,660 704,352
Washington DC(DC) Washington 601,723 681,170
Tennessee(TN) Nashville 601,222 660,388
Colorado(CO) Denver 600,158 693,060
Kentucky(KY) Louisville 597,337 616,261
Wisconsin(WI) Milwaukee 594,833 595,047
Oregon(OR) Portland 583,776 639,863
Nevada(NV) Las Vegas 583,756 632,912
Oklahoma(OK) Oklahoma City 579,999 638,367
New Mexico(NM) Albuquerque 545,852 559,277
Arizona(AZ) Tucson 520,116 530,706


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