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Missouri (MO) Map

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Where is Missouri ?
Located in the Midwestern region of the United States, Missouri is bordered by Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Missouri is the 18th most populous state in the United States and the 21st largest.
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Known as the "Show Me State," Missouri is located in the Midwestern United States, bordered by Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. The four largest urban areas in Missouri are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia. The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City.

Missouri mirrors the general demographic, economic, and political makeup of the nation, with a mix of urban and rural cultures. It has long been considered a political bellwether state. Missouri is an agricultural state, and its main agricultural products include cattle and dairy, hogs, soybeans, hay, corn, poultry, and rice.

Missouri is divided into 114 counties and one independent city, St. Louis. St. Louis City is the most densely populated area (5,724.7 per square miles) in Missouri.

The five largest cities in Missouri are Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, and Columbia. St. Louis is the main city of the largest metropolitan area in Missouri, comprising seventeen counties and the independent city of St. Louis, though eight of those counties are part of the neighboring state of Illinois. Kansas City is Missouri's largest city. Some of the major cities comprising the Kansas City metro area in Missouri include Independence, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Raytown, Liberty, and Gladstone.

Interesting facts about Missouri
  • Missouri is known as the "Show Me State," which some say began in 1899 when Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver stated, "I'm from Missouri and you've got to show me."
  • The ice cream cone was invented for the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.
  • One of the most powerful earthquakes to strike the United States occurred in 1811, and was centered in New Madrid, Missouri.
  • It is unlawful to throw hard objects by hand in Missouri.
  • Kansas City has more miles of boulevards than Paris and more fountains than any city aside from Rome.
  • In Missouri, minors are not allowed to purchase cap pistols; however, they may buy shotguns freely.
  • Missouri was named after a Native American tribe called the Missouri Indians, and means "town of the large canoes."

Last Updated On : June 11, 2013

The official flag of Missouri was designed by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver and was adopted in 1913. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white and blue with the seal of Missouri on top of the stripes.
Joined the UnionAugust 10, 1821
NicknameShow-Me State
CapitalJefferson City
Largest CityKansas City
Area69,704 sq miles
Highest PointTaum Sauk Mountain
Lowest PointSaint Francis River at southern Arkansas border
Time ZoneCentral: UTC−06:00
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