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Missouri State Profile

by Vishul Malik

Where is Missouri ? Missouri is a state located in the mid-western United States. It is bounded on the north by Iowa; on the east by Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee; on…

Where is Missouri ?

Missouri is a state located in the mid-western United States. It is bounded on the north by Iowa; on the east by Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee; on the south by Arkansas; and on the west by Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

The geographic center of Missouri is in Miller County.

What is the capital of Missouri ?

Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri. The city was named after Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.

What is the largest city of Missouri ?

The largest city in Missouri is the Kansas City. It was founded in 1838 as the “Town of Kansas” and was incorporated in its present form in 1850. Several battles of the American Civil War, such as the Battle of Westport, were fought in the city. Kansas City is known for its musical styles of jazz and blues.

What is the nickname of Missouri ?

Missouri is nickname “The Show Me State.” The phrase was coined by the US Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver in 1899.

How big is Missouri ?

The total area covered by Missouri is 69,697 square miles, of which 68,945 square miles is land area and water occupies 752 square miles.

What is the population of Missouri ?

According to the 2010 US census, the estimated population of Missouri is 5,988,927 making it the eighteenth-most populous state in the United States and the fifth-most populous state in the Midwest.

Who are the political leaders of Missouri ?

The government of Missouri is divided into three branches: the legislative, judicial, and executive. The political leaders are:

  • Governor : Jay Nixon
  • Lieutenant Governor : Peter Kinder

When did Missouri achieve statehood ?

The introduction of slavery in the nineteenth century in Missouri became a serious problem. However, under the terms of the Louisiana Purchase the region around Missouri became part of the United States in 1803. Years later, the territory was admitted to the Union as a slave state on August 10, 1821 following the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

What are the languages spoken in Missouri ?

The most widely spoken language in Missouri is English. There are a number of Spanish speakers in the state. French, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian and Korean are also spoken.

What are the religions practiced in Missouri ?

Christianity is the predominant religion in Missouri. Protestants, Roman Catholics, Anglican, Lutheran and Methodists are the major denominations. There are also a number of Muslims and Jews in the state.

What is the economy of Missouri like ?

The total state product of Missouri in 2006 was $225.9 billion. The state has a diversified economy relying chiefly on industry. The major industries are: aerospace, transportation, printing, publishing, food processing, chemicals, mining, electrical machinery, and fabricated metals. Missouri also has a rapidly growing wine industry. Tourism also adds to the revenues of the state.

What are the famous places in Missouri ?

There are a number of holiday destinations in Missouri that draw a large number of tourists to the state every year. Gateway Arch, the Kansas City area, St. Louis Zoo, Missouri State Museum, Osage Village State Historic Site, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, and Truman Sports Complex are major attractions.

What are the state symbols of Missouri ?

  • State Flower : 

    The White Hawthorn Blossom (Crataegus) is the official state flower of Missouri. It was designated the state flower on March 16, 1923.

  • State animal : 

    The Missouri mule was designated the official state animal on May 31, 1995. The Missouri mule played a crucial role in moving troops and supplying goods in the two World Wars.

  • State Bird : 

     The native bluebird was adopted the official state bird on March 30, 1927. It is also the state bird of New York.

  • State Flag : 

    Designed by Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Oliver of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the state flag of Missouri was adopted in 1913. In the center of the flag is the state seal that is encircled by a blue band with twenty-four stars representing the number of states in 1821. There are two huge grizzly bears supporting the circular shield in the center. The center also has the motto of the state “United We Stand, Divided we Fall”.

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