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Where is Honduras?

Honduras Location Map Honduras Map Honduras Map
Description : Map showing Where is Honduras located in the World. Disclaimer

Honduras is a Central American country officially called Republic of Honduras. It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea in the north and Pacific Ocean at Gulf of Fonseca in the South. The land boundaries of the country is shared with Guatemala in the west, Nicaragua in the southeast and El Salvador in the southwest. Honduras possess an area of 112,090 sq. km. and it is the one hundred and third largest country of the world. The geographic coordinates of the country are 15 00N and 86 30W. The capital and largest city of the country is Tegucigalpa, it is the gold and silver mining center of the country.

The climate of the country varies from subtropical to temperate and it has narrow coastal plans and mountainous terrain in the interiors. Honduras has wide variety of plants and animal species on its land. The country is home to people of diverse ancestries’, which is reflected by their art and architecture.

  Facts About Honduras  
Country NameHonduras
ContinentNorth America
Capital and largest cityTegucigalpa
Area112,492 km2 ( 43,278 sq mi)
Population8,249,574 (2010 Est.)
Lat Long14.1000° N, 87.2167° W
Official LanguageSpanish
Calling Code+504
Time ZoneCST (UTC−6)
Airport44 Airports, 7- Scheduled service
Neighbour countriesNicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador
CurrencyLempira (HNL)

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