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Flag of Honduras

by Aakash Singha

Honduras Flag has three horizontal bands of equal size and two colors, blue and white, and was officially effective on 7 March 1866.

Honduras Flag


Blank Honduras Flag

Download Picture of Blank Honduras Flag For Kids to Color

Flag of Honduras Description

The flag of Honduras is comprised of three equal-sized horizontal bands,

with blue on the top and bottom and white in between. On the middle band are

five stars, forming an H in the center, two stacked together on the right and left, and one in the very center. The blue stripes symbolize the waters bordering Honduras: the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The white symbolizes peace and prosperity, while the five stars represent the nations of the former Federal Republic of Central America, which included El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.

History of the Flag of Honduras

The flag of Honduras is based on the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America, which uses a pale shade of blue for the outer bands, and the federation’s seal in the center. After the federation dissolved around 1838, Honduras kept the union’s flag, adapting it as its own, adding the five stars in hopes the nations could be united again, and reflect their shared history.

National symbol(s): scarlet macaw, white-tailed deer
National colors: blue, white
National anthem:
Name: “Himno Nacional de Honduras” (National Anthem of Honduras)
Lyrics/Music: Augusto Constancio COELLO/Carlos HARTLING

Fact about Honduras flag

Country Honduras
Designed by NA
Adopted 7 March 1866
Revision NA
Design and Colors A horizontal triband of blue (top and bottom) and white with five blue five-pointed stars arranged in an X pattern centered on the white band
Size Ratio 1:2

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