Honduras Travel Guide

Honduras is a small country located in Central America, and most part of it is surrounded by water.
For a tourist, there are many ways of reaching the country. They can either travel by land or fly via air. Those coming by land center the country via the Nicaraguan border. Those coming to Honduras via air generally come at the two major airports, i.e. Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Direct flights to Honduras are available from some cities of the United States and other international cities as well.

When it comes to places to see in Honduras, there are several options for you. Choose the attractions you want to see, based on you liking and you are sure to enjoy this trip. Make a customized itinerary and explore the country at your own pace and preference.

One option is to visit and see the Copan Ruins. This place is considered to be the center of the Mayan civilization of 7th century. The site comprises of more than 4000 structures, including plazas, palaces, stairways and pyramids as well. The place gives a vivid illustration of the history of Copan.

Mosquito Coast is another attraction that you can visit in Honduras. Located in the northeastern part of the country, it is an isolated area which has beaches, mangroves, jungles and swamps among other things. This place is ideal for nature lovers as it features some of the most unspoilt wilds in Central America. Here, you can find several animals from endangered species and a huge variety of fauna as well.

There are many and varied attractions in Honduras, for a travel buff to explore. Some of them are -
  • Copan
  • Butterfly Museum
  • Carambola Gardens
  • Bay Island of Guanaja
  • Lancetilla Botanical Gardens
  • Pinacoteca Arturo H Medrano
  • Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve
  • Copan Ruins Archeological Site
  • Museo Para La Identidad Nacional
  • Alejandro de Humboldt National Park

Famous Cities to Visit in Honduras
City NamePopulation
San Pedro Sula489466
La Ceiba130218
El Progreso100810
Ciudad Choluteca75872
Puerto Cortez48013
La Lima45955

Last Updated on: August 20th, 2018