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Brothers arrested on cannibalism suspicion in Pakistan

The aftermath is turning out to be much worse than the foul smell. The case that has taken the attention…Read More →

Tagged as: pakistan cannibalism, pakistan crime, pakistan high profile case, world news

India changes its gender definition

A major Supreme Court in India is changing the way gender is defined in the country and transgender people are…Read More →

Tagged as: india gender, india transgender, india laws, world news

Sea is too deep in case of missing jet

The first underwater mission to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was cut short after the drone went…Read More →

Tagged as: malaysia airlines plane missing, malaysia airlines, missing plane, world news

Heiress' mansion sells for $14.3M

Huguette Clark who left behind a fortune worth $300M before her death bought a mansion in New Canaan, Conn., in…Read More →

Tagged as: mansions sold, connecticut mansion, heiress mansion, money news, business news

Feds to stop seizing some tax refunds

Tax day is already miserable for hundreds of thousands of people in America and seizing tax refunds from people who…Read More →

Tagged as: american taxes, tax, social security america, tax day, money news, business news

Fake Twitter threats become common

After a 14-year-old girl was arrested for tweeting a fake threat to American Airlines, dozens of other teenagers have begun…Read More →

Tagged as: terrorism joke twitter, twitter threats, american airlines, money news, business news

Google to purchase drones

Amazon is not the only company to buy drones since Google has agreed to purchase a New Mexico-based drone maker…Read More →

Tagged as: google drone, amazon drone, drone uses, technology news

Introducing the highway of the future

A stretch of highway in the Netherlands glows in the dark and looks like something out of a film. 

Reports…Read More →

Tagged as: glow in the dark highway, futuristic highway, energy conservation highway, technology news

Cuonzo Martin to join California as coach

Cuonzo Martin has made the decision to leave Tennessee for California. The development was a shocker to Volunteers administrators and…Read More →

Tagged as: cuonzo martin tennessee, coach cuonzo martin, california coach, sports news

Tarkanian feeling better after suffering from heart attack

Former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian could be discharged this weekend after he suffered a heart attack. His son-in-law Zafi Diamant…Read More →

Tagged as: coach Jerry tarkanian, tarkanian heart attack, former unlv coach, sports news

Ultimate warrior died a natural death

Wrestling icon Ultimate Warrior died after collapsing last week. Radar reports that he suffered a heart attack and the medical…Read More →

Tagged as: ultimate warrior cause of death, ultimate warrior heart attack, wwe champion, entertainment news

Alexa Ray Joel collapses during show

Alexa Ray Joel collapsed onstage while playing a show in New York. She was taken to the emergency room and…Read More →

Tagged as: alexa ray joel onstage, ray joel collapses, alexa ray joel news, celebrity news

71 dead in Nigeria blast

A massive explosion through a commuter bus in Nigeria left 71 dead and 124 wounded. Rescue workers and police were…Read More →

Tagged as: nigeria blast, nigeria violence, bus blast nigeria, world news

Robot sub to search underwater for missing jet

No fresh pings were detected for six days and the chief of search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370…Read More →

Tagged as: malaysia airlines plane missing, malaysia airlines, missing plane, world news

Police to find rapist by testing 527 DNAs

Male staff and students were asked to provide their DNA samples since a high school in France is searching for…Read More →

Tagged as: france rape investigation, france investigation, france high school, world news

How GM messed up its ignition investigation

GM appears to have gone so wrong in addressing its ignition switch problem due to a snafu over coworker obstruction. 

Read More →

Tagged as: general motors, general motors recall, GM recall, general motors injuries, money news, business news

Netflix scam steals private documents

If you recently clicked on any Netflix tech-support emails, you might have fallen victim to a scam. The Better Business…Read More →

Tagged as: netflix scam, technology scams, netflix fake website, netflix, money news, business news

Sprint invents starter phones for kids

Sprint is hoping that your child is ready for his/her first cell phone. The company invented WeGo, which it says…Read More →

Tagged as: kids phones, starter phones sprint, sprint new invention, money news, business news

Girl arrested after her terrorism joke on Twitter

A 14-year-old Dutch girl was arrested after she tweeted a "joke" about terrorism. 

Her name is apparently Sarah and she…Read More →

Tagged as: terrorism joke twitter, twitter threats, american airlines, technology news

Anyone can buy Google Glass tomorrow

Google is letting everyone buy Google Glass for one day tomorrow without having to participate in a contest. Now you…Read More →

Tagged as: google glass buy, google glass uses, google glass price, technology news