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Western countries urge their citizens to leave Libya

Western nations have told their citizens to leave Libya, as the country stares at a full-fledged civil war, with shots…Read More →

Tagged as: Libya, civil war, diplomats, Britain, western, staff, world news

New technique for testing embryos for genetic disorders is successful

A pregnancy from a new IVF technique, which tests embryos for genetic disorders before they are implanted, has been reported…Read More →

Tagged as: pregnancy, IVF, genetic disorders, disease, technology news

Liverpool sign Croatian centre-back Dejan Lovren for £20m

Liverpool have signed Southampton defender Dejan Lovren in a £20m deal. This is the club’s fifth signing of the…Read More →

Tagged as: Liverpool, Southampton, Dejan Lovren, Croatian centre-back, Saints, sports news

South Korean students recall painful details of ferry disaster

Young survivors of South Korea's ferry tragedy have described how they escaped from the flooded cabins as the vessel sank.

Read More →

Tagged as: survivors, South Korea, ferry disaster, flooded cabins, sinking, Sewol ferry, Jeju, world news

Curfew relaxed in Indian city after clashes

Officials in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populated state, have relaxed a curfew in Saharanpur city after three people died and…Read More →

Tagged as: Uttar Pradesh, curfew, Saharanpur, Sikh, Muslim, world news

Vincenzo Nibali, Tour de France winner, joins elite group of cyclists

Italy's Vincenzo Nibali, the winner of this year’s Tour de France, is only the sixth man in history to win…Read More →

Tagged as: Vincenzo Nibali, Tour de France, cycling, Jean Christophe-Peraud, Thibaut Pinot, sports news

Mali crash: French flags to fly at half-mast

French President, François Hollande, has ordered that flags on state buildings in the country fly at half-mast for the next…Read More →

Tagged as: France, François Hollande, flags, Air Algérie flight, crash, Mali, flight, Europe news

Costa Concordia finally touches Genoa harbor after long journey

The Costa Concordia finally reached Genoa harbor after being towed 200 nautical miles from Giglio Island in a very complex…Read More →

Tagged as: Costa Concordia, hulk, wreckage, Genoa, Giglio, Italy, world news

Dutch and Australian teams try to reach crash site

It has been reported that Dutch and Australian police officers and experts will again attempt to reach the crash site…Read More →

Tagged as: Dutch, Australian, police, crash site, flight MH17, Ukraine, world news

UN security council calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The UN security council has called for an unconditional and immediate ceasefire in Gaza amid a mutual blame game between…Read More →

Tagged as: UN security council, ceasefire, Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Egypt, world news

Italian opera signer Carlo Bergonzi dies at 90

Carlo Bergonzi, the well-known opera singer from Italy, has died at the age of 90.

In his four-decade career, Bergonzi…Read More →

Tagged as: Carlo Bergonzi, Italian, opera singer, tenor, La Scala, baritone, entertainment news

Israel resumes military operations in Gaza

Israel has announced resumption of military operations in Gaza after Hamas refused to join a truce and rockets continued to…Read More →

Tagged as: Israel, Gaza, Hamas, truce, rockets, Palestinians, conflict, world news

Russia should not host next World Cup, says Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg, the British deputy prime minister, has said Russia should not be allowed to host the 2018 Fifa World…Read More →

Tagged as: Nick Clegg, British, Russia, rebels, Fifa World Cup, Malaysia Airlines, world news

As chaos in Libya spreads, US evacuates Tripoli embassy

The United States has evacuated its embassy in Tripoli as the security situation in Libya sharply deteriorates.

Diplomatic efforts to…Read More →

Tagged as: United States, embassy, Tripoli, militias, ceasefire, world news

2 American troops killed in Afghanistan

Two American soldiers were killed in an IED blast in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province on Thursday, the US Department of Defense…Read More →

Tagged as: American, US, soldiers, IED blast, Afghanistan, Kandahar, world news

2nd black box of Algerian plane found

The second flight data recorder from Air Algerie Flight 5017 which crashed in Mali has been recovered.

The cause of…Read More →

Tagged as: flight data recorder, black box, Air Algerie, Flight 5017, crash, Mali, French, world news

Pope to visit Philadelphia in 2015

Pope Francis has accepted Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s invitation to attend a conference in Philadelphia in 2015, according to…Read More →

Tagged as: Pope Francis, Philadelphia, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, US, Vatican, world news

Isis warns women: wear full veil or risk punishment

Sunni militant group Isis has warned women in Iraq's Mosul city to wear full-face veils or face severe punishment.

Isis,…Read More →

Tagged as: Sunni, militant, Isis, Mosul, al-Qaida, veil, caliphate Iraq, Syria, world news

Israel, Hamas agree on 12-hour pause in fighting

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 12-hour pause in the fighting in Gaza to allow for a humanitarian window…Read More →

Tagged as: Israel, Hamas, fighting, Gaza, humanitarian, ceasefire, Palestinians, world news

First case of ebola reported in Lagos

A man in Lagos has died of the extremely contagious and deadly virus ebola, making it the first confirmed case…Read More →

Tagged as: ebola, virus, Lagos, Africa, disease, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, world news