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Montserrat Flag

by Aakash Singha

The Montserrat flag came into being on 25th January 1999 which is also the date for the 'Coat of Arms' adoption.

Montserrat Flag

Blank Montserrat Flag

Download Picture of Blank Montserrat Flag For Kids to Color

Montserrat is a territory of the United Kingdom. The overall setting of the flag is blue in color which symbolizes awareness, trustworthiness, determination, and righteousness. The British Union Jack is present on the upper left section of the flag, known as Canton.

The Montserratian emblem is located on the right half of the Montserrat Flag, which represents Erin, the sign of independence for Ireland.

The symbol on the Montserrat Flag shows a woman standing very close to a yellow harp embracing a black cross. To show respect to the earlier European settlers the Montserrat flag bears the shamrock as its insignia.

Official Name: Crown Colony of Montserrat
Capital: Plymouth
Location: It is located in the Leeward Islands, part of the chain of islands called the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.
Area: 102 sq. km.
Official Languages: English
National Flag: The flag is blue in color with the British Union Jack on the upper left section of the flag and the Montserratian emblem located on the right half of the Flag
Flag Ratio: 1:2
National Anthem: God Save the Queen

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