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Guernsey Flag

by Aakash Singha

The national flag of Guernsey has a white background with a red-colored St George's Cross and a smaller golden cross placed within the red-colored cross.

Guernsey Flag

Blank Guernsey Flag

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Guernsey is a British Crown dependency and a member of the Channel Islands. Adopted on April 30, 1985, the national flag of Guernsey comprises a white base with a red cross in the middle. The red cross contains another small golden-colored cross.

The red cross on the flag refers to the St George’s Cross that represents Guernsey’s ties with England. The gold cross inside the red cross represents Duke William of Normandy, who used a similar cross as his ensign in the Battle of Hastings. The gold cross was added to the flag in 1985 in order to distinguish it from the flag of England.

The flag was designed by the Guernsey Flag Investigation Committee headed by Deputy Bailiff, Graham Dorey. The flag was first hoisted on the island on 15 February 1985.

Official Name: Bailiwick of Guernsey
Flag Proportion: 3:2
Adopted on: April 30, 1985
Location: Situated in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy
Capital City: Saint Peter Port
Major Cities: St Andrew, St Martin, Forest
Area: 30.1 square miles
Population:  63.4 (2021)
Currency:  Pound Sterling (GBP)
Language: English and French
National Anthem: God Save the Queen
National symbol(s): Guernsey cow, donkey
National colors: red, white, yellow
National anthem:
Name: “Sarnia Cherie” (Guernsey Dear)
Lyrics/Music: George DEIGHTON/Domenico SANTANGELO

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