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British Virgin Islands Flag

by Aakash Singha

The British Virgin Islands is the overseas territory of Britain and its flag was adopted on 15 November 1960.

British Virgin Islands Flag

The national flag of the British Virgin Islands has a blue background with the British flag present on the left corner and the ‘coat of arms’ placed just opposite it.

The ‘coat of arms present on the British Virgin Islands flag has an image of Saint Ursula with twelve lamps surrounding it.

The name of the national symbol is ‘vigilate’ which in Latin means ‘be watchful’.

The official flag was effective from the year 1956.

National symbol(s): Zenaida dove, white cedar flower
National colors: yellow, green, red, white, blue
National anthem:
Note: as a territory of the United Kingdom, “God Save the Queen” is official (see the United Kingdom)

Fact about Virgin Islands (British) flag

Country Virgin Islands (British)
Designed by NA
Adopted 15 November 1960
Revision NA
Design and Colors The flag of the British Virgin Islands consists of a dark blue base with the British Union Jack in the top left corner, and one of the country’s badges on the right side of the flag. The badge consists of a green shield with 12 golden oil lamps with red flames and a female figure, St. Ursula, patron saint of the British Virgin Islands attired in white and wearing sandals, carrying one of those lamps. Beneath the shield, there is a golden ribbon that says ‘vigilate’, which means be watchful.
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